LegalZoom is by FAR the easiest way to register a company and protect your various intellectual property. I’ve used them before and they make the process of creating a company for your app development business very simple. You never have to leave your house or even speak to a lawyer while doing it if you check your e-mail enough. They even help you create bank accounts for your new company and the process is incredibly painless because the fact that you never have to talk to a real person. We registered a company in Nevada, but I’m assuming the process is similar in almost all the States that you would consider registering a company in. If you’re non-US, Legal Zoom can still be of incredible value to you because of the intellectual property laws and reach of the US. If you have a popular app or game and you haven’t used a lawyer yet, you’re losing out on a ton of value.

Opening A Legalzoom LLC Package Video

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