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List of Top Free Sound Effects and Music for iOS and Android Apps

“Where can I find the best free sound fx for mobile games?”
“Where do I buy premium sound effects and music songs for my app or game?”

You can’t make a great mobile app without awesome sound effects (fx) and music. We’ve compiled a list of the best free and paid sound fx and music that you can use in your iPhone, iPad or mobile app or game to keep the users coming back for more. In most cases, it’s worth buying a subscription to one of the popular services for unlimited use if you’re going to be developing seriously. Here’s our list of top stock sound and music websites for mobile apps and games!

Voice Bunny Icon

Voice Bunny

This bunny is 100% family friendly. Voice Bunny’s got professional voice overs for your apps and games at reasonable prices. Voice Bunny only selects 10% of the talent who try to work for them, so you’ll find extremely polished and varied voice overs for you mobile games. Imagine if government was that picky? Pricing is around $1.25-$1.50 per second and…

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Audiojungle Logo

Audio Jungle

If you can get over the audio jungle repeating in your head over and over, you’ll find amazing music and sounds at pretty decent prices at the Envato marketplace. Seriously, their DRM is so annoying I almost didn’t add them to the list. They’re definitely a little OCD about people ripping their sounds for a good reason. The stuff here…

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Pond5 Logo

Pond 5

What kind of name is Pond 5? Were pond 1, 2, 3, and 4 taken? Anyways, Pond 5 has the highest quality songs and sound effects for your mobile app or game by far. Pond 5 has a huge collection that’s so well organized, they even have a section for farts. I’m not kidding. There’s over 3500 fart noises on…

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Royalty Free Music Logo

Royalty Free Music

Hey Dog! Royalty free music has tons of *drumroll*…. music and touted as the worlds largest royalty free stock music library. Tracks start at about $10 a piece. It’s a good option vs. Pond 5, but you can’t find Beethoven’s 5th Symphony played rectally in fart tunes on this site. Score one for team Pond 5!

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Premium Beat Logo

Premium Beat

Do you get 3 orders of chicken McNuggets or a great song for your mobile app? Artists are willing to starve to make great work and so should indie developers. Chances are if you like video game, your on the fat side of the skinny-fat spectrum anyways. Premium Beat has great collection of foley sfx and music for your iPad…

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Soundsnap Logo


I’ve used soundsnap in the past and I was very impressed with the quality and quantity of the sounds. Of course, the jerks only gave me a 1 year subscription so when I really needed sounds, they were no where to be found. You get unlimited downloads with licenses for $249/year. That’s less than a dollar a day baby. They’re…

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Audio Blocks Logo

Audio Blocks

I actually went to the same college as the founders of Audio Blocks and their sister site, Video blocks. They’ve got a decent collection of sounds and songs for your app project on a 99$ a year subscription basis. It’s still growing so it’s not as comprehensive as others, but it’s worth checking out. Audio Blocks Walkthrough Tutorial

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Freesfx Logo


FreeSFX is the 2nd biggest free sound effects site out there for you moochers. You’ll find about 5000 sounds and songs on here that are all great quality – the depth of selection just isn’t there. You’ll need to credit for  all the sounds you use and they’re flexible about how you credit them. They let me tweet about…

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Freesound Logo


Cheap people rejoice! Freesound is the largest collection of free sounds on the internet by far. There’s some decent gems in there, but make sure you read the licensing agreements for each individual sound as they vary. Lots of the sound are just uploaded by users like you so the quality may vary wildly. I suggest downloading audacity to help…

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Jewel Beat Logo


Jewelbeat has a large collection of background music for your app or game and each song only costs $2.99. I’ve used a decent amount of music from them and have good things to say.

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Free Loops Logo

Free Loops

With 1 click, you can download a collection of free 5000 sound effect and music loops. Why wouldn’t you check it out?

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Audacity Logo


If you need to edit or re-purpose your sounds, audacity is the best free software for editing, resizing, and changing format of audio files for your mobile application or game. It’s pretty simple to use and allows you to become a sound engineer without the degree or foley studio. Audacity Walkthrough Tutorial

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