Funding for Mobile Apps and Games
“How do I raise crowd funding for my mobile game or app?”

We’re in a unique age where creators with innovative ideas can pre-sell their products/apps on sites like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Crowdfunding is a great way to fund your intense mobile app or project, but beware – people will often take your ideas that you put up on there. We generally see more games with intense artwork and compelling storylines on crowdfunding websites because of this. In terms of traffic, Indiegogo gets a little over 1/3 of the traffic Kickstarter does, but you get to keep all the money even if you don’t reach the funding goals.

Kickstarter Logo


The world’s largest crowdfunding website also has the most traffic, but you better make your goal modest in order to keep what you raise.

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Best part about Indiegogo crowdfunding is that you get to keep all funds even if you don’t hit your funding goals for your app.

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You’re not raising money with thunderclap, but amplifying your social media reach. Think of it like kickstarter for awareness.

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GoFundMe is more oriented towards personal causes, but it could apply to your mobile game or app. You never know!

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Crowdrise is more about charity and causes, but it could help you launch an app or game for a cause you believe in.

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Crowdcube allows people to invest in British Businesses, so if you’re a developer located in the UK and want access to 200k registered investors, check it out.

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