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“How do I send push notifications from my android app”
“How do I send messages to my users within my iPhone & iPad app?”

Wonder how you get all those “Hey best friend, come play more Farmville Games NOW!” messages from your iPhone. It’s not Siri telling you to milk the cows, it’s the game developers sending a virtual text message with SDK plugins through the app. You’ve already done the hardest part of the app business – you got people to download your game or app. The right push service will allow you to not only get them to return to interacting with your game, but it will also give you information about when’s the best time to send push notifications dependent on your user base. We like Appboy and Swrve a lot because of bonus features like predictive churn and average user spend analytics. In short, these top push notification tools allow you to communicate with your users to encourage interaction and many of the app messaging services are free!

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Swrve might be missing a vowel – but their interesting features like predictive analytics for churn and spend rate make up for it. They also allow split A/B testing, In App Campaign Promotions, Segmentation, and Push Notifications making it a very interesting option to add to your iPhone, iPad, or Android app. Swrve Predictive Push Tutorial

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He’s a very nice boy who made a very nice tool for marketing automation and customer conversion that makes engaging users after the install much simpler. He’s not a naughty boy. He’ll let you know how much your customers are worth by segment and let you know how much they spend and how to make them spend more like a…

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Teradata acquired Appoxee within the last few weeks for like 20 million dollars. That’s a lot of fried chicken. Appoxee focuses on the personalization of text messages, it can help drive sales and conversions with it’s best time to send push features with a full suite of push analytics. Getting a message with your name on it is creepily efficient…

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Urban Airship

Urban Airship was one of the first push notification services I became aware of and it has rich analytics for engagement with your push campaigns. Their breadth of services has evolved to become even creepier and more effective for marketers now with features like GPS stalking. In this example, lets say you have a restaurant app and your user travels…

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In addition to the standard push notification services, you can also prompt for reviews which is super important in todays competitive app environment to rank for charts. On iOS especially, it’s really hard for users to even navigate their way back to where they downloaded your app in the first place without a prompt. It’s free for the first 100,000…

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All these services can start to add up and start putting a dent in a developers budget unless you’re already stacking that paper. Pushwood is truly an affordable cross platform push messaging solution for iOS, Android, Windows, and tons of others. It’s really affordable at $49 a month when you want to upgrade and it offers unlimited free pushes. How…

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Google Cloud Messaging

As if they didn’t have enough information on your business with Gmail and Adsense, Google finds another way into your life. Cloud messaging is a free service that helps developers send messages across multiple platforms: Android, iOS, and Chrome. Send and receive messages from devices on the same connection on your own server. Here’s our homeboy Subir giving you the…

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