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3D Models For Your Mobile Game
“Where can I find the best stock 3d artwork for my mobile game?”
“How do I buy low poly 3d assets for Unity?”

Phones and tablets are getting more and more powerful and people are getting tired of the same crappy 2D reskinned games. Using 3D models adds a professional element to your game which appeals to a lot of the younger gamers who are used to growing up in this Pixar animated world. We super old folk might enjoy SNES graphics, but we can appreciate a nice endless runner or well done racing game.

A quick breakdown of 3D art for mobile games would be this: you need a character sketched out, 3d modeled, rigged with joints, then textured (sometimes with multiple channels/layers to get the proper detail), then animated according to what the rigger did. Compare that to the 2D and you’re talking about 2-4x the man hours and cost. My pro tip is that if you’re going to go 3D, make sure you make the game for iPad, iPhone, Android, and possibly PC (Steam) to get the best reach and ROI.

3D modeling is still maturing in the mobile gaming industry, but there’s still a lot of decent assets out there – especially on the Unity Asset store. The process of 3D modeling and animation is usually way more expensive than going the 2D route. If you want to retain some uniqueness for a bigger project, you can always create new textures for the artwork and save yourself 80% of the time and money. Enough rambling! Here’s our list of the best sites to buy stock 3D models for your mobile game for iOS, Android, and Windows.

Turbosquid Logo


You got an alternative to 3D Ocean right here with Turbosquid, the world’s largest 3D stock model website. You’ll find lots of high quality stuff here designed for apps when you search for low poly models or Unity3D. Turbosquid Tutorial Video

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3D Ocean Logo

3D Ocean

It’s alive! The ocean has over 25,000 3D models, textures, shaders all starting at $1. 3D Ocean is super well organized and has a decent amount of reviews for the art work and the ability to contact the artists directly via comments and direct messaging. 3D Ocean Review Features Over 25,000 3D Models Starting At $1 Items Are Heavily Reviewed…

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Yobi3D Logo - Search Free 3D Models

Yobi3D – Find Free 3D Models

Yobi3D is a search engine aggregator that will make finding the best FREE 3D models a breeze. There’s a native loader on the website that automatically downloads the models so you can view them for different angles, zoom in, check it without the texture, and see the polys. Yobi3D Intro Video Tutorial

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Blend Swap Logo

Blend Swap

The swap has got lots of 3D artwork available under the creative commons license. You should still check and make sure it’s low poly before you use it in your project and verify the license to make sure it’s applicable to use in your project. Blendswap Video Tutorial

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UnityAssetStore logo

Unity Asset Store

The best thing about finding 3D models here is that they’re all optimized for use in Unity3D already. You know you’ll be getting great artwork that will work well in a game. The downside is that many other developers will be using similar models, but if you can find base models you like – you can have an artist draw…

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Cheetad3D Logo

Cheetah 3D

Cheetah 3D is one of the best mid-range 3D modeling programs out there. It’s a nice alternative to 3ds max or Maya if you don’t have the budget for them. Check the tutorial video to compare some of the features vs. the more heavy duty 3D modeling solutions. It’s for Mac only and it’s gotten rave reviews as a drawing…

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Blender Logo


You’ve got to love the freeware community – they be jealous of the haves and create awesome software like blender for 3d artists everywhere. Blender is free 3D modeling sofware used by an avid community of designers and artists. You’ll find tons of artwork and support on sites like blendswap or on facebook groups for artists. It’s a free alternative…

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