Top Outsourcing Sites For Hiring Freelancer Developers and Artists
“What Are The Best Outsourcing Sites For Mobile Apps & Games?”
“How do I find artists and animators for my iPhone or iPad game?”

Learn from our mistakes! In our 4 years of development experience, we’ve figured out the top ways to find the best coders and developers of games and mobile apps. Chances are you can’t do this all alone from start to finish. You’re going to need to hire some mercenaries to help you make your fortune. The 3 musketeers had more than 1 musketeer. We’ve provided you expert tips on how to hire the best freelancers to complete your app properly.
We highly suggest that you add alternative websites as means of finding fresh talent. Upwork frequently gets picked over by other mobile development companies who will grab the best talent and then hire them on a monthly basis, so what you often get left with aren’t the top tier in their field. By widening your search beyond the standard sites, you might find some hidden gems at a lot better value to add to your team who haven’t had their experienced crushed by working with the penny pinchers at Upwork. You’ll be able to hire a good developer or artist using our list of the top outsourcing talent for mobile games and apps.

Fiverr Logo


Honest Abe will help you with app icons, music, voice overs, app review videos, translations, and any other small jobs that you need for your app development process. There are tons of freelancers are on here doing a wide myriad of jobs and many of them are very skilled. The only downside is communication is done solely through their website…

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Onlinejobs Logo


Get talented and vetted employees from the Philippines. It’s no secret that the Philippines has turned into an outsourcing mecca with intelligent, capable, English speaking employees available in high volume. Onlinejobs.ph efficiently connects business owners with Filipino artists, graphic designers, coders, data entry specialists, content writers, and many more. We recommend finding a VA here to handle your translation, marketing, and publishing needs…

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Toptal Logo


Looking for the best of the best? Toptal connects start-ups, businesses, and organizations to a sizable network of the best developers and designers in the world. You tell them what you need, they match you with specific talents, and a trial period ensues. If things work out, then you now have a new member on your team. We listed some…

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Coroflot Logo


Coroflot has a ton of exceptional artists and designers portfolios and many of them of them can be hired at a cheaper rate than you’ll find on the outsourcing websites. Not all artists are very business minded so you can partner with amazing designers who aren’t in it for the cash on sites like Coroflot.

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Newgrounds Logo


Imagine a forum full of nerds who love making PC and Flash games? That’s Newgrounds – a thriving creative community website with tons of video game artists, musicians, and developers who create indie web based games. You’ll be able to hire great talent here and introduce them to the joy of mobile apps. It’s another hidden treasure trove of talent.

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Deviant Art Logo


Deviants love manga, anime, pixel arts, and all things Japanese. You’ll find some incredibly talented artists with super detailed skills, mostly 2D people. It’s a great community of artists leaning towards character design, fantasy, and game artwork. You can find tons of artists doing work for hire on their message boards with massive portfolios of artwork. The forum lets you…

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Virtual Staff Finder Logo

Virtual Staff Finder

Developing apps can be lonely, but you can hire friends to cheer you up and accomplish a lot of simple tasks. With this site, you can find a virtual assistant from the Philippines who speaks English to be your skype buddy and confidant. Your guy or gal Friday! I’d suggest using a VA for keyword research using sensor tower along…

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Wife nagging you to clean the gutters? How are you supposed to make your internet millions if the ball & chain won’t let you focus? Unclutter your real life by using taskrabbit to outsource physical tasks in the US. You’ll spend less time dealing with daily problems and more time developing apps and games on android and iOS. How To…

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Upwork Logo


Upwork has you covered with freelancers specializing in every job form. Highly recommended for automated tasks such as data entry… UpWork has been running into some issues since their merger with eLance, but things seem to be settling down now. The 10% fees aren’t pretty, but that’s what you deal with when solid execution is rewarded by market share. UpWork Review Features…

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Freelancer Logo


Freelancer has a lot of talent for your outsourcing needs and they’re don’t charge quite as much as Upwork does when you’re hiring developers and artists. It’s worth having both sites in your arsenal to fill out your app development team needs. Freelancer.com Review Features 2nd Largest Freelancing Site Online Cheaper Fees Than Upwork Awesome Mobile App For Team Management…

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Clarityfm logo


Wait a second! You’re telling me there’s phone service that charges by the minute and it isn’t a sex line? No Way… Clarity can be more satisfying by connecting you with experts in tons of fields from tech to legal who will give your business the consulting you need. In the end, hiring someone to set you off in the…

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