Cool Names for Your App, Game, or Development Business
“How do I generate a good name for my website or app?”
“What’s the best way to search for good domain names?”

Naming your business or app can be a daunting process with all these weird web 2.0 names out there and all the scummy domain name squatters out there. When we were searching for a domain name for, we tried over 1,000 variations of word + but couldn’t find anything decent. Along the way, we found all of these great tools that are able to come up with naming ideas based on keywords you input along with search the registrars to check for ability simultaneously. Very cool stuff. We’ve compiled the best software and tools to help you name your app or business below.

Impossibility Logo

There’s too many scummy “domainers” squatting on good names to rip the good guys off. I imagine they live in caves with T1 connections like dirty gnomes stock piling their gold. Impossibility is your weapon against their evil, like Excalibur. You can search domain name availability by entering a word and then automatically adding adjectives, nouns, and verbs. It’s great…

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Domainr Logo


Dot com is so old school. Hipster developers are all about that .io or some clever word pun combination. It’s probably that hipsters are too broke to buy parked domains, but it’s good for all of it. Domainr generates interesting sub level domain names containing your phrase and checks if you can register it.

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Lean Domain Logo

Lean Domain Search

What an AWESOME tool! You start with a single word and it checks out a bunch of domains containing that word. We put the word donkey in and it showed us sites like DonkeySales, DonkeyFree, DonkeyHQ. Don’t bother copying us, we’ve already got the ass market covered. We might have spent $10,000 on Donkey domains, but we believe it will…

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Hipster Business Name logo

Hipster Business Name

HBN is an interesting tool to make pretentious sounding company names. We thought it was LOL enough to put in here. Before you comment, I know hippies and hipsters aren’t the same thing, but Cartman hates them both. “Do you mind if I take a quick look around your house? I’m afraid you may have hippies.” #Cartman — South…

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Wordoid Logo


Generates a bunch of made up words that could be kickass or sound like total garbage while checking .com and .net domains. Given the ridiculous names that people are using now, anything you can pronounce in the dot com sphere is considered a win. How To Use Wordoid Tutorial Video:

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Short Domain Search logo

Short Domain Search

They were too poor to make a logo for the site. Now that’s something I can relate to! Short pronounceable stuff is trendy so if you’re trying to create an app with a memorable name, you’ll want the domain as well. This tool will help you find available single word domain names with a variety of extensions.

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Naminum Logo


Type in a word and it will automatically generate a bunch of names and give you a ton of ideas for games, apps, or domain names. It’s another great tool that will help you find that perfect name on a shoestring budget. Naminum Walkthrough Tutorial

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The Name App logo

The Name App

Use the name app to quickly check availability of a name on twitter, facebook, tumblr, instagram and domain names.

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Panabee Logo


Turn your idea into actionable names with their sweet domain or app name generator. Panabee is an awesome tool for the creatively challenged who want to check domain name availability at the same time.

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Generator Land Logo

Generator Land

Their logo looks like a Twistr board, but you don’t have to get tangled in a bunch if you’re looking for a domain name! What awesome copy. I should get a medal of some sort. If you’re looking for random character names or generating content, there’s a bunch of random ones on this site. It’s worth playing with and it…

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