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List of Top Game Development Software, Platforms, and Tools for iOS & Android
“How do I make a mobile game for iOS or Android?”
“What’s the best mobile game development software solution?”
“How do I make games for PS4, Xbox One, PS Vita, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, Android TV, and Steam?”

Fortunately for developers, there’s a plethora of development sdks for mobiles games now that make it easy to make games for iPads, iPhones, and android devices. You’ll want to do a decent amount of research on what’s right for your game, but my suggestion is that you can’t go wrong with Unity, Cocos2D-x, or Corona. If you’re just going for iOS and Android with a 2D game, the latter 2 are great options with plenty of developers available on Upwork and Freelancer. Unity has the advantage of being able to port to even more devices, but the packages (app size) are a little higher with the base unity software.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 free and paid game development kits and software available on the internet. Even people without extensive developing experience can make games with the best game development software like Unity.

Unity Technologies Logo


The champ is here and it comes free for indie developers! Unity3D is the easiest and #1 mobile game development engine / software hands down. Unity has the ability to port to tons of different devices and platforms along with create 2d and 3d games. You’ll want a developer who knows the C# language for Unity. In my opinion, it’s…

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For 2D games, Unity3D isn’t always the best choice. Corona is a popular 2D cross development platform built for speed that’s free up to $500,000 in developer revenue. Developers use LUA and C++ to program. I’ve released a 99 level match 3 game that clocked in at 17 mb with Corona on Google Play. For development in China, size is…

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Cocos2D was the first game development platform I used back in 2012. It’s designed specifically for iOS and 2D games. Cocos2D is open source and you’ll need an Objective-C developer to start developing games. If you’re going to make a game from scratch, it’s worth looking into Cocos2D-x because you’ll be able to launch on Android as well. Cocos2D Video…

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Cocos2D-X allows you to port to both iOS and Android and makes smaller 2D games then Unity. Your developer will need to know C++ – It’s also free like Cocos2D. There’s a decent amount of developers available for Cocos2D-x for 2D games, we suggest Corona or Cocos2D-x. Your average developer runs around $15-$25/hr and there’s a decent amount of mobile…

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Playmaker is a plugin for Unity-3D which makes coding much faster, allowing you to visually script your games without even knowing how to code. It also allows developers to create games much faster and only costs $95. If I were going to learn how to use Unity3D, Playmaker would be the absolute first purchase I made. It’s a no brainer.…

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Vegans rejoice! Gamesalad is a lightweight & super easy to use game development platform that doesn’t require any coding ability to use and creates games really quickly. You’ll be able to make a game in an hour with GameSalad for iOS, Android, or Windows phones and devices. It’s so easy, this pre-pubescent 12 year old will teach you how to…

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Apportable Spritebuilder

Sprite Builder lets Objective-C programmers build for android and iOs using their apportable’s IDE. It’s pretty easy to use and allows those Objective-C programmers to build android games natively so they’ll run smoothly. The visual editor has also gotten nice reviews from programmers. Best of all, it’s backed by Google so you know they’re doing something right. Apportable Spritebuilder Tutorial

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Unreal Engine

If you’re making a really in depth game with a large budget, Unreal Engine might be the choice for you. It’s known for stunning visuals and high end games for both PC and mobile alike. It’s massively cross platform as well, similar to Unity in that aspect. You’ve definitely played PC and mobile games powered with Unreal unless you’re a…

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Game focused C++ cross-platform development software. Easily integrates 3rd party libraries and API’s directly within the tool. Trusted by EA, PopCap, ActiVision, and more. How To Use Marmalade SDK Tutorial

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