Emulators to Play Mobile Apps on Your PC
“How do I play android and iOS (iphone, ipad) games on my computer (pc)?”

Sometimes you want to play your game on the PC for a myriad of reasons: you want to port the game to steam or more likely – you’re too lazy to charge your mobile device. You can get a larger view on your computer and there are a decent number of users who use software like Bluestacks emulator to play apk files on their computer. We don’t know the best iOS emulator yet – Please let us know!

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Sometimes you just want to see your App blown up huge on your PC. BlueStacks comes in handy for times like these. You can play apps and games on your mac or PC with Bluestacks android emulate. We believe it’s the best android emulator on the market. Plus it’s free! How To Install Bluestacks Android Emulator

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Genymotion is a super fast emulator for android that over 2 million developers use to test their apps on their PC. They claim to be the fastest emulator in the world (an alternative to Bluestacks). I don’t think you’re going to see much of a difference between Bluestacks and Genymotion. How To Install Genymotion Video Tutorial

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Desktop simulator for android apps with android phone device controllers and a paid android on iOS app. How To Use Droid4X Tutorial Video

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