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“What websites should I read as a mobile developer?”

This is the technology business and things constantly change from day to day. You want to be informed on the latest ASO changes, new devices, promotions, and new business opportunities. As a mobile develop, it’s your responsibility to check these sites on a daily basis. It also helps to add their Facebook pages to your account so you can see random articles that pop up. These random stories that pop up will remind you to check out what’s going on in the mobile world. We’ve compiled a list of the best resources for news in the mobile industry for games and apps below:

Mobile Marketer Logo

Mobile Marketer

Great place for people in the B2B app space to check and study on the world’s transition to mobile.

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Mobile Commerce Logo

Mobile Commerce Daily

Keep up with the transition from web based commerce to mobile with this site.

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Business Of Apps Logo

Business Of Apps

Lots of great content on the app business as the domain name would imply.

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T3 Logo

Gadget based news can lead to some new opportunities in your development busienss and the content is interesting!

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App Developer Logo

App Developer Magazine

Somewhat dry and technical, you’ll still learn some good stuff by keeping up with the news on here for apps and games.

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Spike Newship Logo

Spike Newship

News aggregator that tracks popularity of topics you input from all over the web. It’s similar to google news, but it has a more trend based emphasis with social media tracking – awesome for the quck changing pace of the app busienss

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Gamasutra Logo


Great resource for the entire video game industry, you’ll definitely want to check them out.

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Pocketgamer Biz Logo

Up your chance of getting traction with your game by keeping up with the latest hits on iOS and Android.

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Toucharcade Logo


The top review site for all things iOS gaming – iPad, iPhone, Iphone Touch.

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Tech Crunch Logo


Probably the best tech blog online, it’ll keep you informed on what’s going on in the Valley bae.

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Venturebeat Logo

Venture Beat

If you’re serious about making apps or games, venture beat will be a must on your list of sites to read on a daily basis. It’ll keep you updated on latest devices, trends, and apps that are coming up.

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