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Cross Promotion Platforms for Mobile Apps and Games
“Should I use cross promotion services for my apps and games?”

The nice thing about apps and games is that a phone can store a whole bunch of them without a problem. Cross promotion works nicely by allowing developers to essentially trade installs or exposure for their app with other similar apps and games that are likely to appeal to the same sort of user without spending any of their own money. You are trading potential CPM, but you get to cut out a lot of the revenue that would otherwise have gone to the mobile ad company if you were to advertise other apps and then use that money to buy advertising and get vigged twice essentially

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Tap For Tap

Tap For Tap is a an interesting concept to help your app get more installs. You trade ads without as much of the overhead you’ll see from buying ad space from some of the top mobile ad solutions. Sites like Adsense charge 32% of the advertising fees, so you end up saving a bundle which leads to more installs. Tap…

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Tapgage is a mobile ad network with a click exchange program as well that will help drive traffic to your game. I think cross promotion can be very effective way for you to promote your app if you have good analytics on user play time and retention. Install Tapgage Tutorial iOS

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You’ll be able to do some nice cross promotion deals with the direct deals feature in Chartboost, but you need a decent amount of impressions to participate in the program. I think at least 500k a month for an app to participate in that marketplace. I think they were forced to release a service like this because of all the…

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Their pay per engagement incentivized system is interesting if your app is sticky enough to get people interested. Users get a reward in the app they came from in exchange for downloading your app and accomplishing a certain task that you dictate. Keep in mind, most of these people just want to get their reward so your results may vary.…

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Trade installs with people who browse the TapDaq marketplace and grow your userbase without paying a dime. It’s an alternative to tap for tap and tapgage. They have a nice open marketplace with lots of different indie developers and their own currency called DAQ that you earn by pushing users to other apps. Tapdaq Intro Video

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