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The Top Mobile Ad Networks For Apps and Games
” What are the best ad networks for my mobile app or game?”
“Which ad networks give the best CPM for game and app publishers?”

You’ve drank 500 red bulls and caused some irreparable liver damage, but you’ve finished your best app ever. It’s time to make the most money from your app by monetizing it with advertising – but only if it were that simple. First off, there’s generally 3 different kinds of ad units available in mobile apps.

– Interstitials (full screen to close to full screen) Popups
– Video Ads (Highest CPM and Conversion)
– Banner/Native Ads

Once you decide what type of advertising model best fits you app, you should try to find a network that fits your needs. Some like Tapjoy have built in incentives for rewarding in game currency or you can use Vungle and program your own rewards for watching videos.

We’ve gathered a collection of the top ad networks for games and apps with the highest paying CPMs available with excellent reputations. You’ll find the list below information on iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry compatibility along with the links to the SDKs and instructions on how to install them into your app.

Amazon Logo


You’ll get a guaranteed $6 CPM for new apps running interstitials which you won’t beat anywhere for the next 3 months (starting 9/1/2015) and ending at the end of November. It integrates with adobe air, cordova, and xamarin easily. Note: We tried to get it installed on Unity without much success though.

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Vungle Logo


All video ad network with flexible placements and 100% full screen videos with an easy to use SDK. Vungle has plugins for Unity, Cocos-2d, Corona, Cocos2d-x and Adobe Air.

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Applovin Logo


Applovin has always had really high CPMs with prompt payments with native ads (banners), interstitials, and video for both iOS and Android. t’s widely used for games and mobile apps of all kinds. The integration is really simple as well and available with most major game development platforms (except Corona).

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Chartboost Logo


Chartboost is an GAMES only ad network for interstitials and video. The nicest feature are the frames that allow you to make the ads look like they belong in your game rather than like spam, which will increase your CTR and profit.

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Mojiva Logo


Monthly reach of 1 billion unique devices, with 270 million of those coming from the US. No shortage of volume will help with that fill rate anxiety.

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Cheetah Mobile Logo

Cheetah Mobile

With over 500 advertisers and 1,500 campaigns in nearly 200 countries, Mobpartner has cemented their status in the mobile ad network industry. 7+ ad variations and easy to use SDK that doesn’t even require a sign-up. They’ve recently been acquired by Cheetah Mobile.

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Mobfox Logo


Over 30+ ad networks are integrated into the MobFox platform which supports banner ads, interstitials, video, and native ad units across iOS, Android and Mobile web. Developers have full control, with the ability to see every ad that is running in your apps in real-time!

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Admoda Logo


Performance heavy network that professes to have high fill rates and competitive eCPMs. With campaigns in over 200 countries, Admoda claims their platform generates high earnings for publishers. Admoda Features (From Admoda): Self-serve – putting You in control Variable pricing – bid high, pay low The lowest minimum bids in the industry Fast campaign approval Traffic source linking/blocking Tracking tokens…

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Byyd Logo


Byyd lets advertisers connect with super targeted mobile segments all over the world. They’re designed to let you hyper target the exact audience type you need to make your app successful.

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Inmobi Logo


Another network that plays on both sides of the ball. Choose between monetizing your traffic with innovative ads or acquiring quality, highly targeted users to install your app.

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Leadbolt Logo


International Technology Company of the Year in 2014. Offers high yield, innovative video ads along with high eCPMs and fill rates. Highly recommended.

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Appia Logo


A mobile user acquisition network first and an ad network second, Appia offers extensive tools and features to monetize your audience. Utilizing non incent traffic to deliver over 117M app installs worldwide, these guys know what they’re doing.

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Playhaven Logo


Mobile gaming focused ad network with great fill rates and a variety of ad variations. Playhaven works with 90% of the top 100 grossing iOS and Android games.

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Mopub Logo


Twitter believes you have $350M reasons to use MoPub as they purchased the mobile advertising platform giant in 2013. Excellent reporting and metrics along with solid eCPMs make this network a winning choice.

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Flurry Logo


Flurry was purchased by Yahoo and now has a full complement of video, banner, native, and interstitial ads along with it’s analytics packages.

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Milennial Media Logo

Millenial Media

Recently acquired by AOL, you can be sure that Millenial Media will bring it when it comes to the technology and solutions you desire to monetize your apps.

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Tapjoy Logo


Tapjoy’s SDK has some nice features including in app announcements, push notifications, in game rewards, cost per completion video watching, along with an awesome offerwall that rewards your users for downloading and using other apps.

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Revmob Logo


They had some setbacks recently with an IDFA scandal, but Revmob fixed the problem. Revmob has been very quick with payments in my experience and they send out neat daily revenue letters that will keep you informed on your apps progress.

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Admob Logo


Admob is always a decent choice will high fill rates and decent CPM, but there’s a lot of spammy looking ads in there and adult ads you probably have to filter out depending on your app.

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