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Best Multiplayer Software and SDKs for Mobile Games
“How do I make my iOS & Android game multiplayer?”

A few years ago, making a multiplayer game would cost thousands of dollars and involve developing the technology yourself. Fortunately, there are a number of 3rd party free and paid plugin platforms that you can integrate into your iPhone, iPad, or Android game to turn it into a massively multiplayer experience. Many of these solutions can do either cloud based multiplayer or real time multiplayer using servers depending on the needs of your game. Generally speaking, you’re going to be going with PhotonEngine and Smartfox for bigger games, and for reskins you’ll probably use NextPeer. We’ve listed the top tools, plugins, & solutions for developing a multiplayer mobile game for iOS and Android below.

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Nextpeer is a lightweight social multiplayer solution with the ability to simulate multiplayer if your player pool isn’t sufficient enough. It’s meant to drive interaction with friends through social media several multiplayer game types and has modes for asynchronous, hybrid, and synchronous gameplay. It’s pretty useful as it allows you to go multiplayer without a lot of players. How To…

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Smart Fox

Very popular massively multiplayer solution for mobile games. We were able to deploy a multiplayer cross platform game for free in a few hours without any prior experience with Smart Fox. It’s definitely worth checking out. If you want to make a mobile MMORPG or huge multiplayer game, Smartfox is pretty sweet and easy to integrate with Unity. How To…

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Photon Server

Build multiplayer games with your own highly customizable and scaleable backend. It’s the world’s leading service for cross-platform multiplayer and the top solution currently for games built with Unity. How To Install Photon Server Video Tutorial

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