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Top List of iOS Developer Forums and Communities
“What are some of the best iPhone & iPad developer message boards?”
“How can I network with iPhone & iPad app developers?”
“Where can I find a group of iOS coders and developers?”

“What are some of the best iPhone and iPad developer message boards?”

When I played poker, the best way to learn was from other players. There are really no exceptions to the value in communication and networking in any business you’re in – especially one that changes so rapidly like app development. You’ll be able to get fast answers to development and coding questions along with feedback on your apps and games. They’re not bad places to build up your SEO as well for your company and build your network of Skype contacts.

Stack Overflow logo

Stack Overflow

You’ll find almost anything coding related on here. Type in iOS and let the good times begin. They’re pretty mean to noobies, so if you’re an app entrepreneur – best send your code monkey into the fray so you don’t get chewed up. How To Learn from StackOverflow

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Nothing beats having a friend who you can actually talk to about business and talk strategy with. Live meetups with real people near where you live will improve your app development business processes. You’ll learn more in a few hours with the right person than 50 hours spent watching youtube videos. Supplement these connections with MakeThatApp and you got a…

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Gamasutra iOS logo

Gamasutra iOS

Gamasutra has tons of articles posted by people in the video game industry along with job listings. It’s one of the best resources to improve your business skills along with network with other people who make mobile games. They let you post articles as well to the site that are read widely by people in the industry. If you’re trying…

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Iphone Dev SDK logo

iPhone Dev SDK

This is an iOS marketing and development community brought to you by MobileDevHQ. They used to be a lot more active, but you’ll get some questions answered here for sure.

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Mac Rumors

Mac Rumors is an all purpose general forum on all things iOS and mac, but you might find some nicer people here who can test your app. The other dev forums tend to be somewhat stuffy and technical. You’ll also keep up to date with what’s going to happen with iOS in the future.

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Ray Wenderlich

Ray was an iOS Ninja back in 2008 – when people were still googling “how do I make an iPhone game”. There’s lots of decent tutorials for game and app developers on his forum. I’m surprised this guy isn’t worth millions by now – he should have used that knowledge to crush.

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Insanely Mac iOS Dev Forum logo

Insanely Mac

There’s a small development forum here, but it might be a good place to advertise your app or find testers.

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Cocos2D-x iOS Game Dev Forum logo

Cocos2D-x Forum

Here’s a forum specifically for the Cocos2D-X software development kit for Android and iOS Games. If you’re into that 2D good good, then head on down!

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Cocoa Cafe Logo

Cocoa Cafe

The cafe is obviously a French forum for developers, but you can use google translate to figure out what they’re saying. They just have a lot of content on there so it’s worth adding despite the language gap.

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