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Top List of Android Developer Forums and Communities
“What are some of the best Android developer message boards?”
“How can I network with android developers?”
“Where can I find a group of android coders and developers?”

Developing apps can be incredibly lonely and frustrating. There’s so much information out there and it’s impossible to do it alone effectively. There’s tons of value in networking and meeting other developers. The marketplace is so big and the forums and communities are generally very helpful. One of the best ways to progress in your career as an app developer is to reach out to other devs to improve your strategies and learn more information. Here is a list of the best forums and communities for mobile app and games development!

Gamasutra Android logo

Gamasutra Android

It’s so good we have it on the iOS and Android list for the best developers communities. If you’re making mobile games for a living, Gamasutra should find its way unto your daily reading list.

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Making Money With Android logo

Making Money With Android

They recently got a decent update – It’s a nice community of android developers with a lot of valuable information on the business and marketing side of the app game.

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Phandroid logo


Phandroid is a large fan and news site for all things android. It’s a Good resource to read if you’re serious about developing on android.

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And Dev logo

And Dev

For the nerds, we have – A community of android developers with lots of tutorials. It’s very technical – so it’s a great place to pickup programming if that’s your end game. At MakeThatApp, we take the 30,000 ft up approach. You can always hire a code monkey to do the technical stuff if needed!

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Devshed logo

Dev Shed

Software development has been around longer than just apps. Dev Shed is an amazing community that will help you develop and build all types of software and websites.

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Google Android Developer Group logo

Google Android Developer Group

This is the largest Google community for android developers that’s pretty active. I haven’t used google groups much, but they tie in nicely with your Gmail.

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Reddit Androiddev logo


Reddit has the most affable and picky nerds on the internet. There’s about 42,000 reddit developers in the community for android programmers. Just don’t spam them or they’ll turn into a bunch of vicious wombats who will crush your face in.

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Meetup Android logo


You should go meet people in real life and talk about app development with them! Joint ventures are especially effective in the app game because it’s still an emerging technology. You never know who you’ll meet and what sort of background that person has. How To Use Meetup for the Tech Challenged Old People

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