The Best Free and Paid Fonts for Mobile Apps and Games
“What are the best fonts for my app?”
“Where can I find the best fonts for my mobile game?”

If you saw that Steve Jobs movie, you’ll know he had a brief romance with Arial Bold. There’s a reason for this. Fonts set the mood in your app. Whether you want to convey professionalism or set the tone for a lighthearted gaming experience, your choice of font will change your users experience drastically. Using the same common fonts leads to a less than stellar appearance of your iPhone or iPad app. Our list of the top free and paid fonts for apps and games will turn help you create a better app for android and iOS. Word of caution: read the licenses on the fonts very carefully and search the font on Google after you get it because users often upload files to these free sites without properly attributing them. If you have a little bit of money, it’s a worthwhile design investment to buy a premium font.

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If you had registered in 1995, you wouldn’t be developing apps anymore cause you’d have mad gummy money. They have affordable fonts and a huge collection of them. But just imagine – simple 9.95 domain purchase and you’d be balling like Nicholas below. We’re affiliates for so help us stack some worms baby.

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Ultimate Font Download

For $19.95, you’ll never have to worry about fonts again. You’ll get over 10,000 fonts for all sorts of fonts for every type of app or game all made for commercial use.

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Font Squirrel

Chipmunks are better, but you still get fonts that are 100% free for commercial use. You’ll still have to check every license to make sure. Great free fonts will really make your app look a ton better, especially if you use the same font in the app and the screenshots. How To Add Font Squirrel To Your Site

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1001 Free Fonts

You might not have two pennies to rub together, but you got style. Tons of flair and boldness that only 1001 free fonts can give you. Tackle the world’s problems with a stylish font, but make sure it’s a commercial-use font or you’ll have to redo all of the assets in your game… I know this from experience as the…

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Font Park Logo

Font Park

Nicely organized fonts by category with a mixture of personal use and commercial use fonts.

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If you design GUIs, you must have this tool. FTW is a free tool to space out fonts properly, not just by scale like programs use. It’ll be great for GUIs for your mobile application or game.

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Lots of nice fonts on here, but some of them are traps that people upload for free and you’ll find out later that they are licensed by someone. I fell for this on here and the guy wanted $125 per app to use the font in! LOL

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Google Fonts

Over 600 fonts for use on the web and it’s that google! All of them are open source and free to use and embed in Apps.

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Fonts nicely showcased with colors and designs to give you an idea of how it will look in a realistic setting for your app or game on iOS, Android, or Windows.

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Adobe Typekit

Almost 180 fonts from Adobe! Your artist most likely already has them in Photohop, but it’s worth knowing what you can work it easily.

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