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Top Resources for Designing the Best App Icons
“How do I create a stunning app icon for iOS & Android?”
“How do I make an great app icon?”
“Where can I find great examples of app icon designs?”

Think of your icon like a boy at a middle school dance with millions of kids attending. The unfortunate reality is the ugly ones sit in the corner watching the pretty ones dancing and celebrating. There are tons of free tools to design the best icon mockups that we’ve compiled along with assets like app icon borders, backgrounds, and color schemes. We also have found software to see what your app icon looks like on Google Play or the Apple App store. First impressions count in this business, so use our list of the best resources for making app icons.

Testico Logo


Be the coolest nerd at the ball with Testico *giggles* It’s the best tool to preview what your app icon looks like in the Apple App Store and iPhone home screen among other app icons.

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App Icon Template logo

App Icon Template

Look at this handsome man. He’s created PSDs that wil help your designer shape your app icons properly so they fit in the 1024 x 1024 resolution for apple app icons and 512 x 512 app icons for Google Play.

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Make App Icon logo

Make App Icon

Create an app icon as easily as you make some toast baby. Drag your 1024×1024 png onto the site and their easy upload tool will resize all your app and game icons for both android and iOS in a few seconds.

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App Icon Test Code Whisper logo

App Icon Test

Check and see what your app icon looks like on an iPad or iPhone home screen – it’s meant specifically for iOS devices.

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App Sparky Logo

App Sparky

Mr. Sparky is another free tool to see what your icon looks like on your iPad and iPhone.

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iOS Icon Gallery Logo

iOS Icon Gallery

Feeling uninspired? Want to see what actual good designers can do? Peruse a showcase of nice looking iOS app icons so you can see what works. You can always check the top list on the stores as well!

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Iconion Logo


Life as an indie dev can be tough. Iconion allows you to turn a simple flat icon that you can download at sites like FlatIcon into an app icon for Apple and Android without any real artistic skills!

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Iospirations Logo


It’s like the Louvre of iOS icons without the baguettes and pretentiousness. The tangerine icon is a masterpiece. The Mona Lisa ain’t got nothing on the orange.

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