Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management Tools for Apps and Games (CRM)
“What is the best customer relationship management software for mobile games and apps?”

It’s much easier to get a customer to return then to acquire another one in terms of effort and cost. Our list of the top CRM tools and services will help you keep your users happy. You’ll be able to generate high quality leads and send personalized offers to your customers while cutting out the grunt work and guessing. It’s about turning your app development into a system and too many app developers use release and forget it mentality that leaves tons of value on the table. By keeping in touch with your users, you’ll know how to develop the best product possible which will drive more downloads and increase your overall revenue. Everyone wins!

Apptentive logo


The ultimate customer resource management service. Native in-app surveys, ratings prompts, reviews, real time in-app messaging with customers, and more. Highly recommended. Apptentive Tutorial Video

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Asking Point

Solid service that includes ratings & feedback, customer support widgets, surveys, push messaging, remote control, and more. Even comes with analytics!

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Help Shift

Used by Flipboard, Venmo, and Microsoft. Help Shift improves your customer service with advanced analytics and offers in-app, email, and web support all in one platform.

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Integrated live chat for your mobile app and site. Integrates well with other services and offers a 14 day trial. Hipmob Demo Tutorial Video

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