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Business and Legal Services for Mobile Developers of Games and Apps
“How do I form a company or a LLC for my mobile games / app studio?”
“How do I turn my app development into a business?”

Although making apps may seem like fun and games, it’s a real business and should be treated as such – even if you’re doing it in your underwear. You’re making intellectual property and you can protect them as well as making sure you’re not in violation of any laws while you’re developing your software. Creating a company can also help you with your ASO as the name you register your developer’s account with Apple is searchable, so you can be creative when you create a name.

Forming a company is a step in the right direction for people who want to do this for a living. Simple things like buying business cards, getting logos and websites designed will solidify your presence as a serious developer amongst a plethora of wannabes. We’ve tried to put together a comprehensive list of resources to help you professionalize your app development, even if you’re making games about ballerinas.

Grasshopper logo


Run your office from your phone while you’re on the beach with that mobile money while showing a professional presence. It’s everything you could imagine turning your cell phone into an 800 number. If you need a professional presence for either customer service or B2B sales, you’ll need a toll free number. Something about having a toll free number shows…

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Legalzoom logo


LegalZoom is by FAR the easiest way to register a company and protect your various intellectual property. I’ve used them before and they make the process of creating a company for your app development business very simple. You never have to leave your house or even speak to a lawyer while doing it if you check your e-mail enough. They…

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StrongVPN logo


Protect your data from hackers by encypting your connection and just be a generally smart developer. For a few bucks a month, you can protect your data.

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Vistaprint logo


You MUST have business cards. For as little as 8$, you can get 100 of them. If you’re an app development company, you’ll never know who you might meet and not having a card on you could cost you thousands of dollars. Business cards are essential for meetings and conferences – do yourself a favor and get some today.

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99Designs Logo


Impressive marketplace where dozens of graphic designers compete in a contest you create to design your specifications. They cover all industries and designs can be created for anything you imagine, although they specialize in logos, websites, and mobile app designs. 99Designs first came onto the design scene in 2008 and have had a major impact on the industry. The higher priced packages attract…

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Genius Link Logo

Genius Link

Create a single URL link that will send your user to the right app store depending on their device and os. Perfect for marketing to social media where the target audience has both iPhones and Android devices so they can be directed to Google Play or the App Store. It’s free for the first 1,000 clicks a month, then only…

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Stripe logo


Take payments on the go for only 2.9% + 30 cents per charge directly on your mobile device.

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Paypal Logo


If you don’t have paypal yet, get it. Easiest way to pay developers, freelancers, and get paid from ad networks.

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Venmo logo


Free alternative to paypal with friends and family. Just a cool tool to have if you know your team well.

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InvoiceToMe Logo


Make an instant invoice really quickly and easily you can use to bill customers for app development services.

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Slim Invoice Logo


Even simpler invoicing all online for your app business.

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