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Top Analytics Services and Software for Mobile Games & Apps
“What are the top analytics services and plugins for my mobile game or app?”

It’s important to check how much time you caused people to waste farming virtual tomatoes and killing evil zombies on the toilet. Analytics software is easy to install and will give you all sorts of user data you can use to improve your app experience, thus making you more money. Many of the analytics suites have evolved to provide extra features like mobile advertising and push notifications. One of the coolest things I saw when studying the different options were heat maps that track where and how often you users touch and interact with your app GUI.

Analytics can become somewhat pricey, but there are many services that offer you a free trial or limited usage up to a certain size like Flurry does. Once you reach these sizes, you’ll generally have more than enough money for it to be a positive investment for your app business. It’s worth noting that if you make games for kids, Flurry is one of the only analytic suites that lets you restrict the feature set so you follow U.S. laws like COPPA. We’ve compiled the best list of free and paid analytics services for your enjoyment (on the toilet).

Unity Analytics Logo

Unity Analytics

Unity Analytics is currently in open beta. You can bet on it being super simple to install into your unity 3d game which puts it on the radar for one of the best tools for analytics for mobile game developers. Unity analytics is available for free and paid users of unity as well and works for iOS, android, windows phones,…

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Appsee Logo


Appsee has TWO really cool features: a heatmap that shows you where users interact the most with your app and recordings of your users interacting with your app. It’s super innovative analytics softer for your iOS or Android game. These are some of the coolest ways to improve your user experience for apps and games alike. Appsee Intro Tutorial Video

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Game Analytics Logo

Game Analytics

Game analytics is a TOTALLY Free analytics software solutions designed especially for mobile game companies. It has support for iOS, Android and Unity and did we mention it was free to signup?

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Flurry Logo


Recently bought by Yahoo, it’s still the best service for mobile game analytics as it’s really simple to install. It also has a lot of decent monetization options like video and ads. It’s much harder to find the login button to the developers account compared to integrating their SDK which only takes a few minutes. Maybe they’ll have it fixed…

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countly Logo


Hey Countly! Nice color selection you copycats. They have a very extensive mobile game and app analytics platform that also allows you to send push notifications your users while tracking tons of useful information. It even allows you to track individual users so you can get data in the micro. Countly Intro Tutorial

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Mixpanel Logo


We liked the clean interface allowing you to search and answer your analytics questions without knowing SQL queries for you app. They have over 3300 companies using the service according to their site. \ Mixpanel Tutorial Video

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Kochava Logo


They’ve got some heavy hitters using them with brands like DENA, Pepsi, and eBay with a heavy focus on attribution side of analytics. Definitely oriented to larger enterprises rather than your Mom’s basement developer. Kochava Intro Tutorial Video

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Swrve Logo


Swrve might be missing a vowel – but their interesting features like predictive analytics for churn and spend rate make up for it. They also allow split A/B testing, In App Campaign Promotions, Segmentation, and Push Notifications making it a very interesting option to add to your iPhone, iPad, or Android app. Swrve Intro Video

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Upsight Logo


According to them, 1 in 4 top grossing apps use Upsight for detailed analytics. There’s got to be a good reason for it. Upsight Tutorial Video

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Adjust Logo


Scaled pricing starting at 129$ makes it a midrange analytics suite with analytics, store stats, and attribution. Adjust Analytics Intro Tutorial

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Apptopia Logo


Backed by Mark Cuban, Apptopia recently transitioned recently from an app marketplace to an analytics service. A decent feature seems to be tracking what SDKs other competitors have installed along with estimated earnings. Apptopia New Service Tutorial

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HeatData Logo

Heat Data

It’s not about the weather baby! This checks to see where and how your customers interact with your app and how often. Starts at $19/month with 10,000 visitors. We’re not sure if that means 10k downloads, but it’s only 1 line of javascript according to their site.

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Delta DNA Logo

Delta DNA

If you’re a small indie app or game developer, DeltaDNA is a nice service to use because it’s free for the first 10,000 monthly active users. They’ve got a wide range of features so it’s definitely worth checking.

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Artisan Logo

Artisan & Tune

Artisan includes features like auto event collection, rich in-app messaging, targeted push notifications and it’s free for the first 10,000 mau. Afterwards, you’re talking $500 a month. It’s pretty in depth though, but you gotta be making paper to afford it. Artisan joined Tune recently so you’ll get even more features for the same amount of money.

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Google Mobile App Logo

Google Mobile App Analytics

It’s Google – so we know it probably doesn’t suck at measuring the performance of your apps. Google Mobile App Analytics Tutorial

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Tapstream Logo


Tapstream helps app developers in all verticals understand who their best users are, where they came from, and how to get more like them. Microsoft, WebMD, and Twitch are all onboard, so it can’t be a bad idea. Tapstream Intro Tutorial Video

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