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“What are the best tools for mobile developers?”
“Where can I find a list of APIs and libraries for my mobile game or app”
We put other cool stuff we found that we can’t quite categorize, but we thought they were neat. Most software developers will intimately know github. Before you start a project, you should have your devs comb through the treasure trove of source code available on github for re-use. These tools will be sure to help you whether you create mobile games or apps.

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Cocoapods (iOS)

It’s your birthday nerd! Here’s over 10,000 swift and objective C code libraries that you can scale your projects quickly with. How To Use Cocoapods iOS Tutorial

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Github has tons of open source code available on here that developers share with the world which will save you a bunch of time in the app development process. How To Use Github Into Tutorial

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Share Kit

Drop this into your projet to install easy sharing features for all iOS applications. You’ll be able to share on Facebook, Twitter, G+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and more. Go viral baby!

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High Altitude Hacks (iOS)

Prateek has got you covered with his elite iOS security blog. We know this isn’t really an API or an SDK, but it’s got a bunch of nerdie stuff that appeals to the same people.

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Use your photoshop psds and layouts to create into iOS code in a few seconds. It’s similar to paintcodeapp, but you’ll need to know photoshop as well. Codly Design Tutorial Video

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Paint Code

Turn your drawings into objective C code for iOS apps. PaintCode comes with a free trial so it’s worth checking out if you’re a non-coder. Intro To Pain Code App Video

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