App Search Optimization (ASO)

“What are the best ASO services and solutions for mobile games?”
“What are the best practices for app keyword research?”
“How do I get my apps to rank higher on the app store charts?”

If you’re checking your couch cushions for change, it’s unlikely you’ll have a large marketing budget to promote your app or game. ASO will be an invaluable skill to learn as organic search drives a large % of traffic to apps and games on iOS and Android. Over 50% of app downloads come from organic search and this is a skill that you can pick up pretty quickly through trial and error and the right software. Many of these app search optimization tools will also help with market research as they give you a bigger scope of what’s being searched for in the app store and with what frequency terms are being used.
Learning ASO is one of the most important investments of time a mobile developer can make. This list of the best aso tools will help you research keywords that you can compete in and develop a solid app search optimization strategy

AppAnnie Logo

App Annie

Forget Giselle. I’d choose this sultry redhead 7 days a week. Annie knows what’s going on when it comes to apps. It’s a one stop shop for research as you can check top charts in different countries from their service along with track your apps rankings. It’s free to start as well! Celebration time. How To Use App Annie Tutorial…

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Sensor Tower Logo

Sensor Tower

In our opinion, this is the best aso keyword tool on the market available with a decent limited free trial with tracking of 1 app. It’s pricey starting at $79 a month for small developers, but worth every penny once you get started. Keyword Ninja is an epic tool to figure out what your competitors are using and the competition…

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Appcodes Logo

Are you on a budget? is a very affordable and highly effective tool for app store optimization at only $14.95 a month. It offers a lot of the same functionality that Sensor Tower has at a lower cost. Check out the features below. It’s a great alternative to sensor tower or app annie. How To Use Overview Tutorial

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Word Count Tools Logo

Word Count Tools

This is an EPIC tool for checking keyword density for Google Play descriptions along with the length of keywords for Apple and it’s totally free. For Google Play titles you only get 30 words and you only get 100 characters for keywords in Apple. Combine it with Bjango’s App Store preview to make sure your copy is formatted properly and…

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G Keyword Planner logo

Google Keyword Planner

Coming up with keywords is a pain sometime and the Google keyword planner will give you a lot of ideas in conjunction with a thesaurus on what people actually search for. This will help you with long tail search optimization as well. How To Use Google Keyword Planner 2015 Tutorial Video

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App Tweak Logo

App Tweak

App Tweak is another decent full service ASO site to help you track your apps progress with their ASO reports with detailed analytics. It’s mid range priced at $29 a month with higher priced tiers available.

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App Rank Corner Logo

App Rank Corner

Who doesn’t love a free service? App Rank Corner gives you ASO tools up to 5 apps with tracking for 50 keywords along with a decent keyword suggestion tool. It’s worth checking out for the free services if you’re a couch cushion developer – I.E. POOR.

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Straply logo


Easy to use ASO tool with an Elvis look alike founders makes Straply worth checking out. We can’t emphasize enough checking out all of the aso tools you possibly can to solidfy your experience with ASO. It’s free downloads if you find the right niche phrases which equates to free revenue. How To Use Straply Tutorial Video

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Searchman Logo


Searchman is another free to start ASO tool that prices out at 25$ / app if you want the premium services. How To Use SearchMan Walkthrough Tutorial Video

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Metricscat Logo


Got no money? No problem – Free 14 day trial allowing you to track 10 apps with 30 keywords at $49 a month for small developers and you don’t need to input your credit card number. It’s such a cute mascot too!

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Appnique Logo


Appnique has a neat feature for managing your own social media campaigns to monitor UA along with your standard aso tools and their service free for your first app. Appnique Video Walkthrough Tutorial

Read More Logo

Awesome FREE tool for helping discover long tail searches and figuring out what people actually search for in apps and search engines. We used it during the development of this site, so if you found us with Google – you can thank How To Use Tutorial Video

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