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Best Team Management & Screen Sharing Tools for App Development
“What are the best screen sharing tools and software?”

One of the difficulties of outsourcing to developers or artists is showing them what you want. This can be difficult sometimes with language barriers, internet delays, and factors. Screen sharing technology and screenshot capturing software can help you communicate instantly and save you tons of time when directing your team. Project management software also aids in furthering development and keeping your freelancers on point when you’re not there to direct them. We’ve compiled the best list of screen sharing tools and project management software solutions for mobile app development.

Teamwork Logo


So you got your #Squad and you need some software to help you reach your #Squadgoals. Teamwork will help you keep your clique N’Sync and on focused on the completion of your projects. You’ll be able to easily manage your projects and team online from the dashboard. The newsfeed is similar to facebook that gives your squad an entertaining way…

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Google Hangouts

Google Hangouts

Google is everywhere and if you’re on a budget, this is the team communication tool for you. It’s meant to be an alternative to SKype allowing you to connect with the team across computers, Android, and even Apple devices. This guys speaking voice is really annoying with his random pauses, but it’s the most recent and best tutorial we could…

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Join Me Logo

A child product of LogMeIn, keeps online meetings simple and efficient. They have a heavy focus on core features allowing you to conference with up to 250 participants. You even get mobile app capability it deserves at least a free trial. I barely have 25 friends, so there’s no need for me to get this software. But you my…

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Dropbox Logo


“I’ll back it up later.” Famous last words said every person right before a terrible hard drive crash. If you don’t mind putting your data on the cloud, Dropbox is an excellent solution that keeps your files safe, synced, and shared with your team. It acts just like a folder on your computer with the ability to generate shareable links…

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Teamviewer Logo


Some day when the 3rd world gets decent internet, it will be so much easier to outsource to developers and artists because we’ll be able to see their screen in real time. Teamviewer is some of the best real time screen casting software out there that’s free for non-commercial use. Unfortunately, not all outsourcing freelancers have fast enough internet to…

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Asana Logo


Created by one of the original members of Facebook, Asana is a simple yet effective project management software. You’re able to create tasks and have individual discussions with your team members about each task. Asana has Mobile and web application that will let you keep in touch with your team on the go. Think of Asana like a bunch of…

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Kanbanery Logo


For those fans of agile development and scrum, Kanbanery will let you digitize those boards. It’s the best visual project management tool we’ve seen so far and it integrates with Teamwork nicely. All your Japanese anime developers will love the zen and coolness. Get with the times and go agile baby! Kanbanery Video Tutorial

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Skype Logo


For the 1% of you donkeys who are still using AIM, get skype already. It’s pretty much mandatory to have on your desktop/laptop. Call, message, and share with team members and clients privately or in groups. It’s the #1 communication tool for messaging for businesses, freelancers, and outsourcing. If you don’t have skype yet, I’m not sure something as hip…

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Trello Logo


If you ain’t got the bucks, Trello is a decent option for project management. You get to create a lot of boards for different projects and it’s very visual. The human brain comprehends data much better visually. The tutorial we’ve attached is very good. It’s very easy to use if you’re not passing a lot of files back and forth.…

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Hipchat Logo


Hipchat is the most widely recognized team communication tool. You’re able to connect all sorts of programs like Zendesk and Mailchimp to Hipchat so you’ll have mostly everything in one spot. Your team will stay organized by creating private and group chats with easy file sharing for mobile and desktop. It’s great for company culture as well. Check the tutorial…

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Basecamp Logo


Basecamp is one of the original web-based project management and collaboration tools. It was cloud before it was cool to put cloud as a tagline to increase your IPO value by 10x. Allow your team access to cloud based lists, calendars, discussions, documents, and more to make sure your team stays focused on the project. It has easy to edit…

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Slack Logo


Slack is an alternative to HipChat growing in popularity. It’s a bit more expensive but offers some additional features and it’s great for team communication. There’s around 200 public communication channels that are good for networking and sharing your product ideas. Long live the chat room! You won’t have those basement dwelling uber nerds from mIRC in Slack. It’s available…

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