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List of Most Important Chinese & Worldwide App Stores for iOS and Android
“What are the most popular app stores in China?”
“Where can I find a list of android app stores?”

Competition in the app store is wild now and sometimes a good strategy can be to diversify a little bit. The Chinese mobile market is predicted to surpass the US in revenue with 5.4 billion in 2015 and the quality of games and apps in Asia is still lagging behind the U.S. It’s easy to be lazy and just settle with Google Play and iOS, but you’re not even coming closing to capturing your potential market.

Codengo will help you submit to multiple of the alternative app stores with one submission, which will help you a lot. Navigating China is still somewhat of a mystery that we hope to address in a future blog post. In the meantime, we’ve decided to list out some of the best app stores and marketplaces for your mobile game / app in both China and the rest of the world. Get localizing!

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Submit and publish your app to alternative app stores with one single form. It’ll save you a ton of time by filling out one form to submit to a bunch of different stores at the same time while tracking reviews.

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A small android store that gets over 580,000 hits a month. Don’t discount them as smaller app stores might show your app more love.

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Google Play logo

Google Play

World’s biggest android marketplace. It’s nice because you can split test your app icons inside Google Play, but there are so many apps that it’s hard to get discovered.

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Amazon App Store logo

Amazon App Store

2nd biggest Android store in the western world, they also have an interesting program called Amazon Underground. If you have a paid app or a free app, you unlock all the IAPs and you get paid based on a time share basis. It’s pretty interesting for developers with engaging games who want to increase the perceived value of their game.

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Opera Logo


It’s one of the worlds biggest browsers and there store has some decent traffic. It’s growing pretty fast and it’s worth listing your app once it’s done here for a better chance at being featured.

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Samsung Apps logo

Samsung Apps

Comes installed on all Samsung phones, it’s worth listing your android app here too. We suggest Codengo to list your Android app on multiple stores at once.

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App China Logo

AppChina – China App Stores

China App Store – One of the biggest app stores in China, they get over 500,000 uniques on desktop alone per month according to Similarweb. Get your android app on here for sure.

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Baidu Logo

Baidu – China App Stores

China App Store – Huge web company with an even bigger android app and game store, definitely in the top 5 of app stores in China.

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Tencent Logo

Tencent – China App Stores

China App Store – They’re like Google in China and they’re pretty huge so it’s mandatory to get your app on here. Tencent owns a large search engine and the most popular desktop text messenger in the country.

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Wandoujia Logo

Wandoujia – China App Stores

China App Store – Similar web has them clocked in at over 2 million visits a month on desktop and other developers say that it’s a must to get your android app or game on here as it’s one of the top app stores in China for mobile.

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91 Hiapk Logo

91 HiAPK – China App Stores

China App Store – Another huge App Store for Android devices in China, over 1 million monthly desktop visits. Mandatory to get on here to get at the Chinese market. They display the package size right on the front page as it seems to be more important with lower end devices for the Chinese app market. Keep that in mind…

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360cn Logo

360 – China App Stores

China App Store – The parent site gets almsot 100,000,000 visits a month on desktop. Need we say more? You should definitely get your android app on here.

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Xiaomi Logo

Xiaomi – China App Stores

China App Store – Xiaomi is a successful phone manufacturer with it’s own app store. Their devices are pretty popular in China for their quality, so it’s worth getting on here.

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Gfan Logo

Gfan – China App Stores

China App Store – Gfan is one of the smaller app stores in China, but it’s still worth adding if you’ve gone through the trouble of setting up a Chinese corporation already.

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