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App Source Codes for iOS and Android (Xamarin, C#, Objective C, Java, etc.)
“What are the best app source codes available for purchase?”?
“Where can I buy app source codes for iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows mobile devices & phones?”

Before you cash out your 401k to pursue your app dream, you should save money developing from scratch. There are thousands of app templates available out there and we’ve found and created a list of the top app source code marketplaces on the internet! Checkout the app source codes available before you hire a develop and you can use it as a basis to develop a more complex app and save money in the process.

Code Canyon Logo

Code Canyon

You’ll find crazy value here. Over 13,000 affordable game and app source codes for iOS, Android, and Windows phones. Like we mentioned before, always look for source code before you start any app development project. Even if you can recycle a tiny bit, you’ll end up saving a ton of money. Plus, we make a few shekels when you buy…

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Game Gorillaz

Kong has create a curated list of the top game source codes for unity 3d for game reskinners. This site isn’t updated often, but their games have been skinned a lot, tested, and proven to have a decent ROI when you pick the right theme and have nice graphics. Most of the codes are in Unity (if not all of…

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Codester Logo


Codester has a bunch of ready to use assets for your next app with a nice mix games and apps for iOS and Android. They also have more technical scripts that can be used for apps. Take a look! Codester Review Features Buy & Sell App Source Codes & Much More Reasonably Priced Code Available For All Platforms Codester Alternatives…

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In addition to being television’s most popular dolphin, Flippa is the largest marketplace for apps, websites and domains. Nice place to start if you’re looking to build an app or sell part of your portfolio. Did you know Jessica Alba debuted in Flippa the movie? The more you know… Flippa Review Features Buy & Sell Marketplace For Apps, Domains, And…

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Chupa Mobile

The essential resource for the best game codes for iOS and Android with a huge collection of games and apps. Don’t make the same mistake by developing and coding your game from scratch when you can save thousands of dollars by starting with a decent theme. We suggest looking for cross-platform source codes on Unity or Cocos2D-x as there are…

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