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Best Social Media Management Platforms for Mobile Apps and Games
“What are the best ways to implement social media in my game?”
“How do I manage my social media accounts for my mobile app or game company?”
“How do I promote my app or game through social media?”

When used properly, social can be a powerful vehicle to improve the value of your app or game. Whether you’re looking for tools to drive traffic to your game or to keep your fans organized, we’ve got you covered with our list of the best social media plugins and software solutions for apps. If you’ve spent a lot of effort or money developing an audience, you need to monetize it correctly. A lot of these tools can autopost links to your game and measure analytics to see how effective your organic reach is. Read a collection articles about social media strategy for mobile apps and games and make sure your iPhone, iPad or android application is a hit!


Research and find key influencers to promote your app or game on social media – pinterest, facebook, twitter, linkedin, and google. You’ll be able to find awesome content to share on your pages and find out who matters in your industry. Buzzsumo Tutorial Review Video

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Genius Link Logo

Genius Link

Create a single URL link that will send your user to the right app store depending on their device and os. Perfect for marketing to social media where the target audience has both iPhones and Android devices so they can be directed to Google Play or the App Store. It’s free for the first 1,000 clicks a month, then only…

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SEO Moz owns this tool, so you’ll get it for free if you come from the web space. Followerwonk is an analytics and management for your twitter account growth. We’ve added a great video that will teach you how to use this tool effectively. How To Use Followerwonk Tutorial Video

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Buffer Logo


Neat publishing tool to push through twitter, facebook, and linkedin to publish your social media on a schedule. It’s great if your site has tons of content and you want to stagger your social media updates to make sure you have traffic coming to your site around the clock. How To Use Buffer Video Tutorial

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One of the most popular social media management platforms trusted by over 10 million people and you can start for free. Optimize your social media accounts and get proper analytics all in one place. It’s an alternative to crowdbooster and buffer. How To Use Hootsuite Tutorial Video

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Crowd Booster Logo


Amazing social media management and analytics software solutions for app developers and marketers. You can single out and segment your most engaged followers and schedule your tweets at the most optimal time. It’s an alternative to hootsuite and buffer. Crowdbooster Review Tutorial Video

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Instagram Logo


Great way to spread awareness of your app with actual pictures and hashtags.

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Facebook Logo


Yea, have you heard of it?

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Google Plus

Google Plus

It’ll help you in your Google Play rankings for your app or game on android.

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LinkedIn Logo


Get those business contacts you need to succeed in any industry, especially a hyper competitve one like the app business.

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Twitter Logo


140 characters and millions of people tweeting the night away on their phones one click away from a download!

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Pinterest Logo


Get some people pinning your app and your results will rocket. Around 90% of all pins are done by women though, so keep that in mind if your app demographic isn’t primarily women.

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