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Create Good Looking Screenshots for Mobile Apps and Games
“What are the best tools for creating screenshots for my iOS or android app or game?”
“How do I create a video preview for my iPhone or iPad game?”

Think of the screenshots as a wedding dress for the bride, accentuating her best features and hiding her flaws. In addition to your icon, the screenshots are the 2nd most important factor in converting searches into downloads on iPhones and iPads. We’ve found tools that will help you add text, resize, and make professional looking screenshots for free or minimal cost along with give you design ideas on what works for mobile screenshot design. Check out our list of the top screenshot tools for iOS, Android and other mobile apps and games.

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Creating a nice app preview video for your mobile game or app can vastly increase your conversion rate. This in turn increases your ASO and results in more downloads, which further improves your rankings. It’s part of the formula for a successful app and apptamin can help you make a decent one without spending a lot of money. Sample Video…

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AZ Screen Recorder

There’s so many reasons to be paranoid about your phone security because people are doing nasty things with their camera phones and being very naughty. If you don’t want google seeing your sexy tapes or lude photos, but you want to record android video, download AZ Screen Recorder. This program doesn’t have root directory access so they probably won’t see…

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Are you still using print screen and then pasting into Paint? Save like 20 minutes a day at least with Gyazo. You choose a portion of your screen to save and it’s automatically uploaded and the URL is auto copied. It’s a great tool to use when communicating with your team. Without it, I’d go insane outsourcing. How To Use…

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An app has a lot more perceived value when it’s shown on a phone. It actually seems like a commodity or a physical product which is great for app developers looking to pitch services to businesses. PlaceIt lets you create attractive and captivating screenshots utilizing real people. They’ve got a huge collection of ways to make demo videos and screenshots…

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Launch Kit

The screenshot builder tool has gotten rave reviews – it’s so easy a caveman developer can do it. Most lazy developers and reskinners just use the emulator to take a few random screenshots and slap them into itunes connect. To succeed nowadays, you need to get off your lazy butt and make it look appealing. There’s way too much garbage…

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Download free screencast and recording software for your PC. Jing Review Features Super Free Compatible With Mac & Windows Users Must Sign Up For An Account To Use Software Jing Alternatives Gyazo Quicktime Screencast-O-Matic Jing Video Tutorial Walkthrough

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Hate to download software? Think that everything has a virus on it because you are one of those worry warts. Have no fear bro. Screencast-O-Matic is no download so you probably won’t get a virus! It lets you record video on PC and mac and it’s free for the basic version. Of course, you’ll probably want to buy the premium…

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Your Mac will already have this inadequate video player player installed. Nobody these days uses Quicktime to watch actually movies if they have more than half a brain, but you can use it to record video on your iPad or Iphone. Simply connect your device to your computer open Quicktime and check the tutorial. QuickTime Review Features Built By Apple…

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