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The Top App Review Sites On The Internet
“Where can I find a list of the best app review websites for iOS, Android, Windows, and Blackberry?”

Right here bro! It’s time to beg for press coverage from some snotty blogger who’s positive review can send your app soaring to the top of the charts! We’ve compiled a list of the most important app review websites along with other sources to help the reviewer look upon your app favorably. We’ve included a bunch of large lists of smaller sites that can also help your apps campaign to the top of the charts. Once you get one big name to cover your game, it’ll be much easier to get into the door. If you’re just starting out in the app development business and you’ve put a lot of time into your app, we’d suggest looking at a PR firm. You’ll be able to get through the door and have your e-mails answered. For future apps and updates, you’ll be able to contact them yourself by making a relationship with the review sites. Start your pr campaign for you iPhone or iPad app today with our free lists of app and game review websites.

Pocket Tactics Logo

Pocket Tactics

Interesting reviews with amusing copy, they’re updated frequently, but your chances of getting noticed are pretty slim.

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Polygon Logo


Polygon is a well recognized name in gaming and tech and your game will have to be prettty spectacular to get noticed on here. Over 7 million uniques a month is a ton.

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Droidgamers Logo

Droid Gamers

Droidgamers get around 200,000 visitors a month according to similar and focuses on Android (Bet you guessed that one). They release a decent amount of articles a day which increases your chance of getting your game up on there!

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SlideToPlay Logo


Slidetoplay is an older iOS gaming blog, but they still worth talking to in hopes of getting you app reviewed.

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Gamasutra Logo


They don’t review apps per se, but you can post articles about your experience with making your games that will also get noticed by other people and help your PR efforts a lot.

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148apps Logo


148Apps does honest reviewing by their decent sized team of writers and they also track price drops on paid apps. You’ll have a decent shot at getting on here if you’re game is novel.

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Pocket Gamer Logo


Pocketgamer doesn’t have a lot of articles a month, but they get close to a million uniques a month which is pretty high amongst the game review sites.

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TouchArcade Logo


Toucharcade has a really active forum which you can offer giveaways with gift cards to get people to review your game. This will really help your ASO rankings and get you more downloads as a result.

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Game Zebo Logo

Game Zebo

Great design and layout, they try to feature a set number of games every week to give gamers a concrete direction on what to download. If you catch their eye, you’ll do pretty.

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IGN Logo


Probably the best and biggest overall video games site – IGN also covers mobile games. Getting on here will be tough, but it could definitely solidify your games presence on the top charts.

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AppAdvice Logo


It’s a pretty great site with tons of new articles everyday that will keep you up to date with app news and related mobile devices.

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Gigaom Logo


Gigaom has lots of tech news and covers big trends in mobile, cloud, science, data, energy, and media.

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Gizmodo Logo


They’ve got all things tech covered and they get millions of hits a month.

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Wired Logo


Get news on technological changes and how they will affect all areas and sectors of everyday life. If your app changes the way people do something, having your site featured on Wired could be huge.

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Techcrunch Logo


For news on startups in the tech world, you have tech crunch. See how much cash money all your competitors are raking in VC funding.

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Mashable Logo


21st century news for they connected & tech generation of nerds.

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