Backend Services (MBaaS)

Top Backend Services (MBaaS) for Mobile Apps and Games
“What is the best backend service for mobile apps and games?”

We’re not talking about your butt here. Backend services allow you to manage content in your application without paying tons of money developing a custom solution. They allow you or your users to store information into a database, store data, geolocation data, and send push notifications to your users. It’s like a server that’s connected to your mobile app or game, allowing you to add a lot more complex features and make your app dynamic.

Cloudmine Logo


Use Cloudmine as an enterprise backend for industries with complicated data security regulations like healthcare along with out of the box features like: push notification, geolocation, social, SMS and personal fitness data. They offer cross platform support for Android, Windows, iOS, and HTML with front end sdks. How To Use Cloudmine Video Tutorial

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Any Presence

Any Presence is an MBaaS trusted by lots of large corporations and designed for enterprise level businesses. You’ll be able to integrate with your existing databases and systems with their backend services and link push, sms, and authentication. There’s no proprietary tech that you’re locked into as well, so you’ll own all the I.P. Any Presence Intro Tutorial Video

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Kii is a cloud platform for IoT (internet of things) and scaleable mobile apps. You’ll never have to write server software again when you rely on services like Kii. How To Use Kii Tutorial Video

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Built Io Logo is highly scaleable and comes with tons of out of the box solutions for iOS and Android. They’re a provider of cloud and digital solutions for simplifying content management with backend services. Some neat features they have are mass targeted notifications based on location and other criteria without looking like spam. It also comes with a deep analytics suite…

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Parse works for iOS, Android, & IoT and they’ll provide the backend so you don’t have to create databases or write code. We recommend parse for smaller developers because they are totally free for up to 30 requests per second, which will handle the needs of all indie developers. It’s the best way for developers to setup amazing app experiences…

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Compose Io Logo

MONGO DB Hungry? will feed Mongo using cloud hosted production grade databases for applications. Want learn MONGO DB? Use Create Mongo DB Tutorial with Compose.IO Video

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Kinvey Logo


Stop fussing with your database and move to the cloud baby! Save 10 weeks of time and invest your time in developing a perfect user experience by implementing Kiney’s backend. They have a wide range of backend as a service solutions for serious app developers leaning towards the enterprise market. How To Use Kinvey Walkthrough Tutorial

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It’s like Cheers where everyone knows your name and location in realtime with instant GPS tracking. Pubnub has a large collection backend services for apps needing realtime communication with their users. If you’re trying to beat Uber or your app requires a lot of user interaction, Pubnub is an option to look at. Pubnub Walkthrough Tutorial Video

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App Io Logo

This is a huge tool for developers that I think will catch on big in the future. You’re able to stream your mobile app from the cloud to any device – no download needed. As internet speeds increase, imagine the possibilities to demo apps in an advertisement before you download it? There’s an example of this technology being used below.…

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