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Top Resources for Marketing Your Game or App
“Where can I find templates for a mobile app / game press release?”
“How do I get review sites to feature my iPhone & iPad app or game?”
“How do I do public relations (PR) for my Android app?”

You’ve worked hard on your mobile app and you’re ready to release your game! You need money to buy one of those new overpriced stand-up from all that time sitting on your. Our list of tools and services for press releases will help you get the most traction with your app or game. We recommend checking out 3rd party services to handle your public relations efforts as they’ve been in the mobile business for a long time and can connect you with the right people through the relationships they’ve developed. In my experiences, it’s really tough to get any articles written about your app unless you get picked up by a few major review sites. After that, the rest of the sites tend to pile on to review your game. A talented public relations manager can get you in the door if your app is worth promoting.

Scoop It Logo

Scoop It

Find and publish great content to get visibility online for your mobile development business. Great if you’re a B2B developer or looking to be active on social media without having a dedicated person to manage your accounts. Finding nice content to share can be touch and their curation service can help establish your brand. Scoop It Video Tutorial

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A unified mobile marketing console where you own all the data from it, unlike other services. You’ll be able to get an actual quantifiable idea of what channels are bringing the most revenue and downloads to help distinguish each channels overall value. Tune is super easy to use and has over 700 advertisers already plugged in – you just have…

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Appboy Logo


Build better relationships with your customers by automating your marketing technology when you install the Appboy SDK into your app. You’ll be able to create tons of different segments with out of the box features and check overall value and create automated campaigns targeted to users in different segments. You can contact thee segments with push, in app messaging, e-mail,…

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Logo Fiksu


Are you going to be acquiring a lot of users for your mobile game or app? Fiksu can help you run highly focused user acquisition campaigns for your apps based on their databases of device profiles. They give you decent discounts if get over 10,000 downloads generally. It’s worth e-mailing them directly to see how they can help your needs.…

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Appmasters logo

App Masters

They run a nice blog and newsletter focused on helping indie app developers drive more downloads. The ASO course is free along with other good content like podcasts. Check out their advice on setting up a press kit as well.

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Appbot Logo


If you have lots of apps, managing all of their reviews in one place can be a huge pain. With all the new OS updates coming out often, you have to make sure that your code is kept up to date and no random bugs pop up. 1* ratings can kill an app extremely quickly and CRM should be part…

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Use Tokens

Hand out free promo codes for your paid app to let reviewers download your game or app without paying. You’ll never get anyone to review your paid app if you don’t give it to them for free!

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Link shortener tool essential for cross promotion of apps on iOS and Android.

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App URL logo


Makes marketing that much easier by creating a single link URL for all platforms.

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Do Press Kit

Rami Ismail created this website with free templates and tips on how to create press kits for mobile video games. They’re pretty simple overall, but most press kits don’t need to be overly fancy to succeed if the product is good. also has Free podcasts, blogs, and aso courses for marketing your cell phone game or app.

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