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Top Market Research Tools and Software for Mobile Apps and Games
“How do I do market research for my mobile app / game?”

Tons of people have ideas – many of them are dumb. You should do some market research and check to see whether or not it exists in the Google Play (Android) or Apple App Store (iOS) before committing any time or effort towards developing an idea. Check to see the existing demand and what features you can improve. These tools will help you gauge customer demand and see what sort of apps people actually want! We’ve aggregated some of the best ways to search the app store top lists along with communicate with potential customers before you even start developing. Check out our list of the best tools for mobile app and game market research below.

App Annie Logo


Annie is the hottest redhead in town – Think Mean Girls Lindsay Lohan crossed of high school librarian with a British accent. There’s no better tool in the universe for app and game market research. App Annie is epic for checking out all the top charts in different countries on both Google Play and the App Store all in one…

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SimilarWeb Mobile

Cyberstalk and drool over your competition’s massive traffic & user base with SimilarWeb. Forget Alexa – Similarweb gives you way more statistics that you actually need along with estimates of traffic counts rather than some arbitrary number for websites and apps. Their logo designer might not know what a ying yang is, but their coders and data analysts kick butt.…

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TopAppCharts is a great way to monitor the app charts and games day by day rankings easily and for free. We know that poor people love free tools. It’s ok bro! We still love you because you’ll probably click on some ads and make us money.

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Our Mobile Planet

If there’s one positive out of mobile phone addiction, it’s that you get lots of data. I like pretty pictures because I’m too dumb to understand raw statistics. Our Mobile Planet lets you visualize that data with google and get some valuable information on the world wide marketplace of apps and different facts about users per country. Find out where…

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QuickMVP Logo


Test your ideas quickly without wasting your valuable money or time developing an idea that people don’t want. Lean startups are the new cool thing for a reason – losing money blows. If your idea sucks (which most likely it will), you can just try again and keep trying until you connect or quit like a sissy. Are you a…

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