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Translation and Localization Services for iOS and Android Apps
“What are the best ways to translate my app / game into a different language?”

Localize and conquer! With mobile device usage surging in countries like China, localization is more important than ever. We recommend translating your app into the 10 best languages for localization: French, German, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), Spanish, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Italian, and Russian. With our list of free and paid translation services and sites, you’ll be able to tap into the top markets and make more money with localization. Professional (meaning an actual native speaker) services cost as little as around a nickel per word. Localizing your keywords at the very least can add a ton of organic searches to your app, considering there’s only 100 characters (15-30 words) for iTunes. You’ll find it’s a very worthwhile investment with a high ROI.

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One Hour Translations

Google Translate would be perfect if your targeted audience were solely robots from The Terminator. These days, communicating with potential app users in their native dialect is essential if you want them to press that install button. One Hour Translations start at .08 cents per word and move up to .14 cents depending on the language you’ve selected. These guys have 17,000 professional translators available…

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Google Translate

Google Translate is currently the best machine learning based translation service available, but its far from perfect. Despite continuously improving technology, translations from an experienced and indigenous speaker will yield better results and superior communication. If you’re looking to really connect with a global audience with high quality and accurate translations than we highly recommend One Hour Translation. For developers on a…

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Pricing for translation and localization starts at .09 cents a word with over 1000 professionals. Definitely worth checking out for keywords and titles for your iOS and Android apps. It’s an alternative to One Hour Translation, our preferred method of app translation! ICanLocalize Example Video

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Their standard translation for everyday use starts at .06 cents a word and they have tons of people available to translate with quick delivery – Generally within a few hours. Gengo Service Explained Video

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A little more pricey, this service starts at .12 cents a word capping out at .24 cents for specialized translations. Transfluent Intro Tutorial Video

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If your project is intense and you want a more personal approach, Applingua might be the service for you to use. They specialize in app translation and localization unlike a lot of the other services listed. We still suggest One Hour Translation because we make money from them DUH!

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One Sky App

Trusted by several big games, they charge .05 – .17 cents and specialize in games and apps with emphasis on UI. For more accurate translations that are relevant towards tech, you’ll be paying higher rates for sure.

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