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Best Landing Pages For Mobiles Apps and Games
“What are the best landing page services for mobile apps?”
“How do I create landing pages for mobile product offers?”

If you’re selling products off your app or want to convert customers of a lite version of an app into a paying customer, you’ll need an effective landing page. The science behind it has been studied carefully my many spammers (I mean internet marketers) over the past 15 years so you can take advantage of their hard labor by using our list of the best landing pages for mobile apps and games. You’ll have to be creative in your implementation of the pages, because you’ll ideally want them to be inline inside of your app so they don’t have to leave it. Anytime you have to navigate your user away from your app isn’t generally a great thing unless you have a more positive ROI experience setup for them – which landing pages can be.

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Themeforest is great, we’re using it right now for this site! It’s got all the wordpress themes and landing pages for your mobile app in one place. Make your app or business standout from the crowd with these super professional templates. Themeforest Video Demo Tutorial

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Elegant Themes

Elegant Themes is quite possibly the most budget friendly route for your brand’s site. Stellar design, advanced features, and unparalleled support set them apart in what has become a very competitive market. You’ll get access to almost 90 highly customizable themes for $69 to $89 a year. Can’t beat that price. Elegant Themes Review Features Widely Recognized As A Top WordPress…

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Users Think

Get feedback from your landing pages to help optimize user experience and convert more.

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Headway Themes

Drag and drop theme creation for someone very picky with layout for their wordpress theme for mobile apps or games. Headway Themes Layout Video Tutorial

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Tons of different landing page templates and used by tons of top companies. It’s free for the first 30 days and starts to get a little expensive when you start getting a lot of traffic. Unbounce Video Demo Tutorial

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Starts at $25 for unlimited domains and landing pages, it’ll help you if you’re new to creating landing pages for your mobile app offers. Leadpages Video Tutorial

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