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List of Top 10 Image Resizing and Size Optimizer Tools
“How do I make my mobile app or game size smaller?”
“What is the best software to resize images for my iOS & Android games?”

Making image and sprites smaller is important in the mobile world where people are downloading apps on the go or on the toilet. Large apps are the first to be deleted and people in many areas cannot download apps larger than 50mb using 3G or their wireless connection. In many parts of China, users only have as fast as 2G, which makes small apps even more important. By using software to optimize the images and art in your app, you can keep the package size smaller as every KB counts! Here’s our list of the best image resizing tools and sites for your iPhone or Android game.

TinyPNG Logo

Tiny PNG

I’ve used TinyPNG to shrink png image files for apps and games by as much as 70% in size. In a market where being under 50 MB is key, everyone should be using this free image optimizer for android and ios apps. You can shrink up to 20 images at a time. If you could make a Grow PNG in…

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Smush It Logo

Smush It

Smush It is a firefox plugin used to upload and optimize a collection of images for your mobile app or game. And here’s your funny!

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Image Optim Logo


ImageOptim is a free image optimizer for Macintosh that will let you batch reduce the file sizes. Why they need their own image optimizer is beyond me, but here’s more snobbery below with a funny fake commercial.

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Wasted Logo

Wasted – iOS Only

It’s a cool name for a simple app that will remind gamers of GTA. Wasted is an iOS only image resizer and optimizer to make images smaller for your apps. Now without further ado, here’s some hilarious wasted videos!

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Texture Packer Logo

Texture Packer

I’ve had good experiences with texture packer drastically reducing the size of big pngs to create sprite sheets that not only load faster in the game, but take up a lot less space. It’s only $39.95 for the full version as well.

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Image Optimizer Logo

Image Optimizer

I don’t like downloading programs for simple tasks and chances are you’re lazy like me too. Image Optimizer is a web & software based image optimizer that you need to download to resize images in bulk. The guys made it free as well because they’re that nice! I would charged or at least had donations – Mountain Dew isn’t cheap!

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