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UI Design Tips and Free Resources for Apps and Games
“What are the best ways to design a good user interface for my game or app?”

One of the most important aspects of app development is creating a solid and fluid UI design so your users can navigate your way through the features of the game easily. It’s also a big part of the visual aspect to make your app look professional. It seems like a simple thing to do, but it’s more intuitive in that you know when you’re using a well designed GUI. Designing one from scratch isn’t quite as easy as it may seem. We’ve compiled a list of the best resources and tools to design your UI for mobile apps and games (Android and iOS).

Graphic River Logo

Graphic River

Some of the nicest templates for UI design I’ve seen have been stock from sites like graphic river. It’ll end up saving you a lot of money if you can find what you’re looking for because GUI work is really expensive. It’s much easier to customize vectors to give them personal flare if you’re worried about it. Remember folks, MVP…

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App Cooker Logo

App Cooker

Both women and men will enjoy cooking up a storm with App Cooker. So lady developers, tell your man to get back in the kitchen and mock you up some dinner. This prototyping app for iOS on the App Store is used to create high fidelity mockups for apps. App Cooker Video Tutorial

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Graffletopia Logo


Graffletopia has a nice collection of stencils for design purposes that will be good in the arsenal of any GUI engineer/artist. They’re also the home of omnigraffle.

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Android Niceties Logo

Android Niceties

It’s a tumblr type site curated with nice UI designs. They choose some really clean ones to feature and the curator has a keen eye. Hats off to you chap!

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Styling Android Logo

Styling Android

Read these technical guides to improving UI and UX of apps for android if you’re a huge nerd. Otherwise, make your developers read them to help make an app jump to the top of the Google Play charts.

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Pttrns Logo


Pttrns is a very professional looking gallery of GUI and app screenshots sorted by category. You’ll find tons of app screenshots for design inspiration with over 70 categories to find out what your competitors are doing!

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Uiparade Logo


UIParade focuses more on individual elements of UI design. Check out their collection of random buttons, switches, and meters for UI design!

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App Design Vault Logo

App Design Vault

Unlock the vault of sick design without having to rob the bank. (SICK COPY) App Design Vault has awesome UI templates for iOS apps for iPhone and Ipad designed to help you speed up your app development with proven flow that works. App Design Vault Sample Template

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Color Schemer Logo

Color Schemer

In case you missed our entire section for color palettes, we added this easy to use tool to come up with simple 4 color palette schemes.

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Screensiz Es Logo


Find out resolutions of 35 popular Android and iOS (iPad, Ipone) mobile phones and tablet devices including physical size, height, width in pxels, and pixel density.

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Mobile Patterns Logo

Mobile Patterns

Decent collection of app screenshots for designer and developer reference purposes for app UI development and navigation.

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Material UI Colors Logo

Material UI Colors

Google uses Material design and it’s now all the rage with it’s basic flat colors and ease to navigate. You’ll be able to come up with a nice palette for material design here.

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Shinobi Controls Logo

Shinobi Controls

Help illustrate your data with nice charts and graphs for a sweet UI experience.

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Xscope Logo


If you’re really picky about alignment and the small stuff, XScope will help you layout the elements of your UI effectively.

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Inspired UI Logo

Inspired UI

Small gallery of decent UI designs. It hasn’t been updated in awhile, but you can still learn a lot from them.

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Tethr Logo


A bunch (almost 140) of free UI photoshop templates for free with some of the best UI elements like buttons, headers, and icons.

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Mobile Mozaic Logo

Mobile Mozaic

Very well organized gallery of app screenshots for app UI design.

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Chupamobile Logo

Chupa Mobile

Almost 300 awesome UI themes for different types of mobile games for Android and iOS all priced around $20. Most artists will charge between $200-300 for a UI, so you can save big here.

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