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Education for Mobile App Developers and Entrepreneurs
“Where can I learn how to code iOS and Android apps?”
“What are some education websites for apps and mobile games?”

This is the type of stuff they should be teaching in schools in the information age. Nobody cares about when or how the Louisiana Purchase was made. Your education in the mobile industry is a constant process and tons of people have created awesome courses with information that will power up your business like never before. We’ve compiled a list of the best free and paid courses for iOS and Android developers to fill their brains with useful knowledge. It’s like an MBA in app development all on your mobile device (or pc).

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Let’s face it boys and girls, college is way overpriced. You won’t get drunk or lose your virginity using, but you’ll get a solid education without incurring tons of debt and having to eat 100% Ramen noodles. A tech education allows you to scale your earnings based on your skill and experience instantly unlike any other type of knowledge.…

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An education marketplace with content and courses on anything and everything. Plenty of app related courses taught by respected experts. ASO, marketing, development, and much more – uDemy teaches it all with heavily reviewed courses to ensure you’re getting the value you pay for. We recommend signing up to their newsletter as they are frequently offering $10 course promotions. Take…

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Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers a personalized learning resource for a broad range of topics including development. While they are far from the best resource for learning to build mobile apps, it’s still 100% free and there is some value in their content. Don’t worry if English isn’t your native language, their translators are working daily to ensure their courses can impact a global…

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Applied to Harvard and Yale but didn’t get in? This is your big chance right here then. Coursera partners with top universities around the world to bring you both free and paid courses of the highest quality. Big Data, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Mobile Development – it’s all there and waiting for you. Coursera Review Features Over 15,000,000+ Members Nearly…

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Code Academy

Learn to code with 0 prior experience programming. If you’re the hands on type of entrepreneur, start here and start typing. They try to make coding into a video game so it’s accessible to non nerds. Code Academy Review Features 25,000,000+ Members And Growing   Code Academy Alternatives Coursera Treehouse uDemy Lynda Khan Academy  

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Start Up Notes

Quick notes on some inspiring entrepreneurs in a nice infographic / colouring book format.

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The How

A bunch of videos on lean startups, which will make you a better business person.

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Launch This Year

Get a bunch steps on how to launch a business from scratch from people who were just like you.

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Online tech education for $25 a month for web, software, and app developers.

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Android Weekly

Free weekly newsletter covering tons of topics on Android development.

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Books on how to learn how to program apps for iOS (iPhone and iPad)

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Wait a second! You’re telling me there’s phone service that charges by the minute and it isn’t a sex line? No Way… Clarity can be more satisfying by connecting you with experts in tons of fields from tech to legal who will give your business the consulting you need. In the end, hiring someone to set you off in the…

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How Much To Make An App

Estimate how much money it will cost you to make an app.

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