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List of the Top Developer Tools for iOS and Android Apps
“What are good software tools for app and mobile game developers?”
“Where can I find tools for coders of mobile apps and games?”

Keeping your developer organized and efficient will go a long way towards helping you create a finished product. Any tool you can throw at your dev which he will actually use is a big bonus. They’re like the work horse of your team, so keep them well paid, stocked, and fed and your project will have a chance of actually seeing the finish line. We’ve put together a list of tools that will help your coder out whether he’s programming your game or app for android or iOS.

Eclipse Logo


The best tool to make and package APK files for Android deployment. There are other options, but why bother when Eclipse is just that much better than the rest. How To Use Eclipse To Build An APK Tutorial Video

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One PF Logo

One Platform Foundation – Android

An Android developers best friend. Delivers open-source cross store distribution tools to scale your app exposure efficiently. It’s compatible with one of our favorite tools, Codengo – lets you submit your apk to multiple stores at once.

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Android Dev Tools logo

Android Dev Tools – Android

Check out the extensive Android development tool directory for free! It Includes useful links, beta publishing, APK explorer, code generators, component libraries, and 3rd party jars.

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Snippet Edit logo

Snippet Edit

Make development life easier and modify Xcode’s system supplied snippets. Snippet Edit is a free tool to download and will make iOS developers and coders lives much easier.

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Code Runner logo

Code Runner

Check this sweet IDE out. It allows you to run code in almost any language instantly. The easiest way to write code on your Mac – a steal at $14.99. The reviewer has a super weird voice, but whatever. Code Runner IDE Video Tutorial

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iOS Dev Tools

iOS Dev Tools

We’ve added these guys list because it fills in a lot of the blanks that we don’t cover on MakeThatApp. Rather than focusing on the nerdy coding aspect, we choose to take a general approach to give you tools you need to succeed in making successful apps and making money from them – not how to be the best app…

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Nomad logo

Nomad – iOS

Very handy command line utilities for iOS development. We’ll keep this copy short =)

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Reveal App (iOS) logo

Reveal App – iOS

Debug, modify, and inspect iOS applications in real time with this powerful tool. Download a trial today. It’ll help you see how your apps insides work together. Tons of really popular apps have used it during the dev process. It’s priced reasonably from 59-179$ a person depending on your size.

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