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Best Mobile App Development Platforms and Software
“What are the best mobile cross platform application development platforms?

When you hire a developer, it’s always good to know what mobile development software they’re going to be using. Would you get a house built without knowing the materials? It’s the same principle here. Xamarin is widely used by developers because of the cross platform nature of the development software and a lot of ad networks we’ve seen support it.

Technology moves fast and there’s now a decent number of alternative cross platform platform solutions for developing apps on iOS and Android at the same time. Why make an iPhone and iPad app when you can make an Android app simultaneously? We’ve compiled the list of top mobile development platforms for iOS and Android here!

Xamarin logo


Download Xamarin now if you’re serious about developing apps. Xamarin allows you to write apps entirely in C# and share the same code across all platforms. It was created for developers, by developers and is probably our top rated tool for cross platform app development. Just mention the word Xamarin to any freelance developer and you’ll hear good things. How…

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Appcelerator logo


Appcelerator’s got native apps, mobile APIs, real-time analytics all on one platform. The code is written in javascript and runs natively on any device and OS. Packed with powerful features and offers plans for businesses of all sizes. It comes with a free plan then you can grow and pay as you go. How to Use Appcelerator Titanium View Tutorial

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Phone Gap logo

Phone Gap

Do you mind the gap? PG is a free and open source framework that allows you to create mobile apps using standardized web APIs. Compile in the cloud, utilize cross channel marketing, and much more using this HTML, CSS, and Javascript based tool. How To Install Phone Gap Tutorial

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B4X Logo


It’s basic b****. With B4A, you can compile Android and iOS apps locally and remotely. They claim to have an active community of over 70,000 users. How To Program With Basic 4 Android Tutorial

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Smartface Io Logo


Turn your frown upside down Mr. Javascript coder. You too can make iOS apps! Smartface provides developers with cross-platform native development using a single Javascript codebase. It also comes with a WYSIWYG design editor, iOS & Android emulators, and more. Smartface Video Tutorial Series

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App Method logo

App Method

Multi-device development platform for PC, Mac, iOS, Android and weables. Incredibly forward thinking company that stays ahead of the curve with clients such as NASA, Visa, GE, Citi, Motorola, and Cisco. They be ballin’! App Method Intro Video

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Sencha Touch logo

Sencha Touch

Sencha Touch allows you to use HTML5 and Javascript to create cross platform mobile applications for both iOS and Android. Although HTML5 wasn’t everything it was hyped up to be, it still has some purpose in life. Use it with Sencha Touch baby. Sencha Touch Tutorial Video

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Apportable logo


Apportable is similar to Xamarin – it allows you to program for iOS and Android at the same time using Xcode, Obj-C and Swift. Great tool for iOS developers who don’t know JavaScript who want to get maximum exposure for their apps. 75% of the code is shared and you can still use native languages for the UI. Apportable iOS…

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