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Color Palettes for Mobile Apps and Games
“How can I choose nice colors for my app or game?”
“What are good colors for a mobile app or game UI?”

With millions of colors out there, it can be tough to choose the right color combination for your UI or Logo for your app. Colors will set the tone and mood and if you choose them haphazardly, your app can end up looking silly. There’s a scene to color selection and lots of designers who are enthusiastic to share their advice on what works. You can apply this free advice to your game, especially elements of the graphical user interface and logos. Make color selection for your apps and games easy with tons of preselected color schemes that will make your app stand out from the crowd. We’ve compiled a list of the best color palettes and selection tools and software for your ease.

pictaculous logo


Upload an image and this automated tool will give you a free color palette based on the image. The tutorial isn’t really necessary, but you can watch it in action! How To Use Pictaculous Tutorial Video

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Adobe Color logo

Adobe Color

Download this really neat color tool to base your color selection on math along to make your picks really easy and neat. Adobe knows their stuff when it comes to design and color so take advantage of a rare free program from the creators of Photoshop.

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Get UI Colors logo

Get UI Colors

Struggling to find colors that are easy on your eyes? Get UI colors has a small collection of attractive colors for UI design with whimsical names that remind you of crayola crayons. Everyone loves those crayons and you can’t eat these ones.

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Bootflat logo


Great design themes don’t come along too often on the web. Bootstrap design was one of them that’s going to be here with us for awhile. Bootflat is a great software tool to help create bootstrap design apps with very easy navigation & friendly button colors for free.

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Colour Lovers logo

Colour Lovers

Wonder where all the starving artists go to figure out what colors go best with being poor and eating ramen all day? Need to find out what colors to make yourself happy when your diet consists of sodium and carbs from those cheap noodles? Check out Colour lovers where bustos all over the globe share color palettes and discuss trends.…

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0 To 255 site logo

0 To 255

Try out this quick and simple tool to help find web friendly variations of color. It’s a decent alternative to colour lovers if you already have an idea of the color you are looking for an just want more options.

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Paletton logo


Check out this color selection tool that lets you visualize the color scheme on websites. It’s a decent alternative to abobe color and many of the features are comparable.

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