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App Testing Software and Solutions to Make Testing Apps Easier
“What is the best way to beta test my app?”
“What’s the best software to manage my alpha, beta, and production versions of my app?”

What do the Orkin man and an app developer have in common? They both hate bugs! Testing a complex app or game can be a time consuming process. You’ll be able to test your apps in the beta stages on your pc, share with other devices, hire users to give you feedback and report bugs, along with a bunch of automated reporting tools that will help your developer encounter problems discovered in real time. We’ve assembled together a list of app testing firms to outsource to along with the best list of free app testing tools to fine tune your app for release.

Testflight logo


Testflight is now part of itunes connect and it’s by far the best way to test your apps in terms of simplicity and ease for the developer. The only negative is the long delays sometimes in getting new users approved for a game or app on iOS. How To Use Testflight

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Hockey App

Massively cross platform beta testing and distribution for your iOS, Windows, Android, or Mac apps. How To Install Hockey App Tutorial Video

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If you’re hiring sketchy coders, you better get them crashlytics on there baby. It’s a lightweight crash analytics sdk for android and iOS that will help you keep your apps bug free and free from nasty reviews. 1* reviews will kill your profit potential and make you a sad panda. Crashlytics Intro Tutorial Video

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Crittercism logo


Stabilize and monitor your apps to keep them working well and save revenue from crashes and uninstalls. Crittercism Tutorial Video

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Diawi Logo


Decent free tool for developers to send you host and send iOS links for beta apps to be installed with the iPhone or iPad browser. We use it for quick one offs when we don’t feel like waiting a few hours for Testflight. Diawi Tutorial Video

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Comprehensive app testing for when you really need to get it right. Applause Video Intro Tutorial

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Instabug Logo


Instabug is a bug tracking tool to get feedback from users which integrates in less than 60 seconds. Users are able to draw on the app, take a screenshot, and really point out where the bugs you find are located. This will help your time crush any bugs really quickly.

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User Testing

Sometimes you want to comprehensively test your app with real people before hitting the store at all. You’ll be able to find and pay for real people to test your app and give you video feedback on their experience! The best part of paying for testing is that you’ll be able to get feedback from every single user who tries…

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