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Free stock photos, art, vectors, icons, GUI, PSDs, and backgrounds for your mobile games & apps
“Where can I find best free art assets for my mobile game or app?”
“What are the best affordable stock photo and art sites for mobile apps and games?”

All games and apps need to have a solid design with the best artwork to succeed in today’s mobile environment. The days when crappy graphics would rocket your game to the top 100 are long gone and having great in game artwork, icons, and screenshots will contribute immensely to your conversion rate.

The best part is that it doesn’t have to break your piggy bank. Stock photo websites like Deposit photos and have huge collections of affordable art, gui designs, photos, illustrations and vectors. You’ll have to search a bit to find what you want, but a lot of the contributors to these sites have excellent collections. I suggest when you find a specific piece you like that you bookmark the contributor and check what other game assets they could possibly have in their portfolio.

We’ve also found the best free resources for game and app art and photos if you have no money at all to spend. Whether you have a large budget for paid art and stock photos or need free assets for your app, we’ve got you covered. You’ll find the best 2D artwork, GUIs, and stock photos all sorted here. It doesn’t matter if you’re making an iOS, Android, Windows, or Blackberry game – Our compilation lists out the top free and paid site stock photos and art sites for your mobile game or app in one place.

Shutterstock Logo


Shutterstock is the big dog of the stock photo world. He might look scary and intimidating, but you’re just being a little pansy. So… go check out the largest stock photo collection of paid vectors, photos, videos, and music with hundreds of thousands added weekly. They’re waiting for you… And so is our piggy bank because we’re greedy affiliates who…

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Fotolia Logo


Here’s some funny math. There’s 43 million stock photos on Fotolia and your average disposable camera holds 24 pictures. That’s enough to fill 150 empty graves full of cameras. So you got 150 graves full of high quality royalty free images, vectors, and videos perfect for your next app development project with amazing subscription packages as low as .19 cents…

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Deposit Photos Logo

Deposit Photos

There’s too many of you guys out there burgling all these stock photos. This isn’t necessarily true, but I just wanted to use the word burgle. For 99$ a month, you’ll get access to a huge library of stock photos and vector art for your game. They have everything you could ever want with a little bit of searching. I…

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Remember the golden days of Pirate Bay and your pilfering of crappy Hollywood films and Michael Buble showtunes with Pixabay. They’ve got tons of FREE high quality vectors, photos, and illustrations – over 400,000 of them to be exact. Did we mention it was totally attribution free for commercial use? It’s like stealing, but it’s legal. Go for it you…

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Even more high quality free photos. In case you doubted us, Makethatapp has the best curated lists of free assets for your android or iOS app hands down. Wu Tang Clan ain’t nothing to buck with. How To Use Pexels Tutorial Review Video

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Open Game Art

Huge collection of free game art for your ipad, iphone or android game. Unlike other websites that are more general, most of the sprites and art on this site will fit perfectly into your game. They just switched servers for faster response time (like we’ll be doing soon!) How To Use Open Game Art Video Tutorial

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Newgrounds Logo


Are you trying to add some artist whipping boys to your development team willing to work for soup crackers and ketchup? Newgrounds is a thriving creative community website with tons of video game artists, musicians, and developers who create indie web based games. You’ll be able to hire great talent here and introduce them to the joy of mobile apps…

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Iconfinder Logo

Icon Finder

Flat icons are crap in my opinion, but so is the design of this site (so you can’t really take my word on that). Icon Finder has a really nice collection of premium icons and many of them are in multicolor. It’ll fit in perfectly for your app if you want it to stand out from the boring standard icons.

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Flaticon Logo


Flat is the new busty in design. You heard it here folks. Find a great collection of icons you can use for navigation and GUI buttons for your android or ios mobile app. This is a must have free resource for mobile app developers. If you don’t want to attribute, you can pay $9.95 for unlimited access to the entire…

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Glyphish Logo


They’ve got hip and stylish web 2.0 icons for your iOS or android app that fit in with the iOS 7 and 8 themes. Why they used a dead fish with a purple icon for a background beats me, but it sticks out in your mind.

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Kenney Game Assets Logo

Kenney Game Assets

Buy a huge pack of 18,000 game assets for $2.25 – It’s definitely hard to beat that price. If you use 1 asset, then you’ve already saved money. It’s the perfect game art package for game reskinners trying to maximize your profits in an increasingly competitive atmosphere. We’re pretty sure that these assets were not made by children. BAD KENNY.…

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25 Must Have Photoshop Plugins Logo

25 Must Have Photoshop Plugins

These make designing anything in Photoshop a breeze. Even if you’re outsourcing your art to a designer, I’d show them these plugins and make their job a lot easier. What you can do now with photoshop is amazing compared to when I started about 15 years ago. Naked photoshop is no way to go through life.

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Freebbble Logo


This site is like a best of the best for Dribbble. There’s over 1,000 FREE curated assets and templates for free from Dribbble that will help make your android app shine among the competition.

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Dribbble Logo


Another great show and tell for designers and artists you can use to outsource your app designs and layouts or find ideas for your app UI and logos. You can store a lot of artwork you like in buckets for inspiration in your app designs later. How To Use Dribbble Tutorial Video

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99Designs Logo


Impressive marketplace where dozens of graphic designers compete in a contest you create to design your specifications. They cover all industries and designs can be created for anything you imagine, although they specialize in logos, websites, and mobile app designs. 99Designs first came onto the design scene in 2008 and have had a major impact on the industry. The higher…

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Deviantart Logo


A great community of artists leaning towards character design, anime, chibi, fantasy, and game artwork. You can find tons of artists doing work for hire on their message boards with massive portfolios of artwork. People on here LOVE Anime and Japanese culture here. How To Use DeviantArt Tutorial Video

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Morguefile Logo


Morguefile’s got 360,000 free stock photos with a nice search feature. They’re mostly stock photos instead of game art, but it will suit a lot of your app projects for backgrounds and promotion photos. This teacher will help you navigate the treacherous waters of Morguefile. How To Use Morguefile Tutorial Video

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Bigstock Logo


Huge collection of 27 million stock videos, photos, and vector files for all purposes including apps and games. Comes with a free week trial with a similar subscription package to DepositPhotos and the photos are really high quality. It’s worth checking out for sure! We don’t make any money off of them though because they don’t have an affiliate program.…

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This site features a collection of highly professional graphic artists showcasing their artwork. You can contact them directly most of the time for work along with search the site for inspiration for whatever yor project is. You know they’re intimate with adobe and are probably very highly skilled graphic designers. The only question is how much you can get their…

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Freepik Logo


AMAZING resource for everyone with so much content. Free vector art, illustrations,icons, psds, and photos for your iOS or iPad game. Great for indie developers looking to get some professional looking art assets and sprites in their game. It’s organized well with categories and search features. This reviewer’s voice is kind of weird like fake British, but it’s good to…

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